Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm here- now what

A whole month without posting... dang- I have alot of blogs to catch up on.
I am ok- just needed to distance myself from my blog for a while- needed to get a better perspective on things without the "audience" so to speak.
So what have I been up to... same ol same ol- being mom to 3 rowdy kids and wife to one amazing husband who has turned his life around and I am so grateful that I stuck around to see it happen.
The boys and I did go to meetings with people who are in the same boat as us and we really enjoyed it. It was so nice to sit with people who have gone through the same emotions that we have been going through. We have put meetings on hold for a little while- we are trying really hard to get our time management in order- both my boys have after school activities so they are not home until 4-5pm, the hubs goes straight to his meeting after work getting him home around the same time meanwhile after pre-k its just me and the princess and recently we have started going back to church- It has been close to 23 years since I have attended a real bible study and service and we figured with this whole new turnaround with the hubs we all could use a dose of Jesus in our lives- who couldn't right?
So while we at open house for my sons school we met one of his Friends and her mom who invited us to attend her church- talk about good timing right- the Lord sent her into our lives for a reason and the boys and I have been attending every Sunday for the past month and just this past Wednesday we went to the bible study - all of us, hubs included- the class was on Fiancees and how to spend according to Gods plan- seriously we needed to go to this class. So I guess I have been getting my spiritual health underway.
Still busy with the PTA but I have come to terms with the fact that I can not do it all and there are actual members out there who are eager to help so I have relinquished some of my self appointed duties and I feel very comfortable with it- and seeing as I am a control freak this is a big step. 
Weight wise I am still in the game, just not as active as I should be- my last recorded weigh in was 144.6 and today I am 143.2 so I'm still under my goal- just need to work on getting my self back to the gym or even on my treadmill- that and stay away from the cookies and cream ice cream that happens to find its way into my mouth on a daily basis.
The only other thing I have to post is that is suck when someone steals your debit card info- I went to check the account htis evening to see what we had left and low and behold two transactions one $190 the other $45 to two mail order companies- really, like we need this in our lives- but I am handling it much better than I would have before I started back at church- I am confident that things will work out and that he has a plan and that we just need to follow him... Yes I know I am a little church focused but this is the best I have felt mentally in a while and I am very grateful that I have renewed my relationship with God.
well that's all- thanks for checking up on me and seeing whats new with me- I will hopefully have a chance to catch up on everyone blog soon.
have a great rest of the week and God bless