Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday ramblings

First off it is Saturday at 6am... and I'm up (somewhat willingly)- I have a PTA training class today from 8-4 and I did that whole sleep thing where you don't really sleep because you might oversleep. So now I have about 45 minutes to kill so here I am.

Weather wise right now it's a cool and crisp 91 degrees and should reach only 120 today - Summer hell is here; and with this being Sin City even Satan had to leave because it was too not for him.

Before I forget, Happy Canada Day to all those up north.

I have been pretty lazy this past week when it comes to exercise- it has been too hot to even think of sweating on purpose but my food has been good, again too hot to really eat.

I stepped on the scale yesterday morning just because I'm a scale whore and I saw 148- holly crap on a cracker... the 140's..... woohoo... then I got on again this morning.... 150-  still going down from my weigh in day and now that I have tasted the 140's I want more so I guess I am going to have to put my overheated, pre sweated butt back on the treadmill and bust out my weights.

My niece who lived us her senior year of high school had moved to PA to be with boyfriend and go to collage is moving back to town- as in literally they are on the road right now, just a few hours away... I am so excited to see her. She really helped me out when she was here. She was so upset when I told her I was getting the band, she didn't like the idea of me "changing" who I am... but she has since realized I as a person have not changed but my exterior has- I can't wait for her to see how good I look :)

Back to living in Sin City- let me clear up a few myths- not all of us work in a casino, and if we do we do not live in said casino- we have 596,424 residents (give or take a few) and only155,000 hotel rooms (give or take a few). We do not all gamble, drink or are strippers, showgirls or prostitutes.  Oh and if you ever want to visit- avoid the summer months unless you enjoy temperatures that rival that of the Sun's (even thought the hotel rates are much cheaper)
Personally I have worked on the "strip" but never as a stripper, aint nobody wanting to see all that but I was a housekeeper (ya'll tourist can be pretty nasy at times, someone has to clean that mess up) KENO writer/runner (kinda like lotto meets BINGO) and a hotel operator)
oh and I have lived here for 24 years and still can't tolerate the heat.

Ok well I should get back to getting ready for my training. Hope you're all enjoying a relaxing and cool weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weigh in day and NSV

weigh in day today- another 2.2 pounds gone bringing me to 151.2! that's 64.6 pounds gone since my surgery date and 71.8 pounds since my highest weight of 223. I love my band

Over 20 years ago one of my neighborhood mamas gave me an ID bracelet that was always too snug...I had never been able to wear it without cutting off circulation to my hand. Well I found it today in my jewelry box and tried it on and it fits and with room to spare -

Sorry I haven't been very active with my blog, must be something about the heat here and the lack of anything interesting to post. I will work on it though.
Thanks for stopping by- Hope you're having a great week!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weigh in day and week in review

weigh in day- down 2 pounds from my 2.4 pound gain last week- bringing me to 
seems I'm in the yoyo stage of my loss...but I have lost 70 pounds from my highest weight (223 according to my regular doctor who I saw yesterday) and 62.4 since my surgery date (215.8).  I'm pretty happy where I am but I wouldn't mind getting down to 145 with a flat tummy but that will happen in time and most likely with some more surgery.

Last week another mommy friend and I ventured up to Mt Charleston with our kids... (my 3 and  3 out of her 4) and attempted to hike up Mary Jane Falls... I say attempt because hiking with two 3 yr olds, a 5 yr old, a 6 yr old and two 11 yr olds makes the hike just that much harder. We ended up getting perhaps a quarter of the way up and then turning back to have our picnic that the kids were ready and eager to eat.


my mommy friend and all the kids

Then that night the family went to dinner- back to CiCi's pizza buffet... yeah not a good idea but it tasted soo good. After that we went to the park to let the kids run off the sugar and carbs the consumed in mass quantities.
crappy picture but me and the princess

me and the hubbs

Robert and I

William and I
When we got home and the kids got in bed I got on the tread mill and walked 3 miles. That was all on friday. Then Saturday and Sunday I walked just over 4 miles and then last night I walked over 5 miles. My knees and hips are sore and I know I should probably be taking something for that but I just don't know what. Any ideas out there?
I did ask my doctor yesterday when I saw him but we got sidetracked with other issues I am having regarding my mental health and family issues... the hubs is dealing with some demons in his life and is not handling it in a healthy way so therefore I am not handling it well... he went to the store the other night and brought home a bag of peppermint patties... I ate almost half the bag (hence the 4 mile walk that night) and then today he went to get milk and brought back another bag of candy
So far I have avoided this but I have had chips and dip and cheesy puffs and a sugar free fudge pop... not sure what is worse. I defiantly see another walk in my future. 


Last night I took my kids and their friends to my friends house to pick up a guitar she was giving my boys. On the way home my car happened to drive straight to McDonalds and proceeded to buy mcflurries for all of us. Some how I managed to have a stuck episode on ice cream! Really, ice cream?  Well after I felt it finally go down I managed to get the rest down and then when I got home I walked 5 miles as my penance.
Today I'm trying to take it easy- my hips are starting to hurt so I might not get my walk in, but I'm sure that I will - I'm a gluten for punishment.
Tomorrow I have plans to take the kids and their friends swimming with my mommy friend- the one we went hiking;  so it will be her with and her 4 kids.... and me and my 3 plus 2 "loaner" kids aka their friends.  I'm hoping to be able to enjoy some time in the sun and soak up some vitamin D- we will see.
Well that wraps up my week, sorry for the jumping around and randomness of todays post. I think I will go take some ibuprofen and hope that my hips and knees stop hurting soon.
Hope you're having a good week

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The support group that wasn't and retail therapy

I have been trying harder to make it to support groups and tonight was no exception. This evening was the emotional support group- I've been once before and thought I really need to go tonight. I called this morning to confirm that it was in fact tonight and that time and planned my day accordingly. I had to arrange for my mother in law to watch the kids because my meeting would overlap with the hubs meeting. Got the kids dropped off and drove though rush hour traffic just in time to get there to find the meeting had been canceled! Really?!?!? It would have been nice to know this before I left the house. I mean seriously they have a FB account, they could have posted something about it there.
In an attempt to wait out the traffic situation I headed to the mall; the doctors office is in the same parking lot so it wasn't really out of my way. I walked though originally looking for Fredrick's of Hollywood but got sidetracked at JCP. I ended up trying on at least 20 dresses... I am not a real dress person- always felt huge in them but I was feeling pretty good and liked half of them but settled on one. I may actually get a picture of myself in it and let ya'll get a peek.  my husband is laughing at me because I am getting slightly obsessed with dresses... in his defense I was online shopping/browsing for dresses when he went to bed and had 5 different store windows up.
On the exercise front I actually worked a bit last night with my weights and then on the treadmill today. The kids are at their nana's tonight so I will get to sleep in and then will get my well rested rump on the treadmill again.
Well that's all for now. Hope your having a great day. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weigh in day

weigh in day- not nearly as bad as I thought- a gain of 1.4 pounds. I could blame it on water weight but I know its most likely the CiCis pizza buffet from yesterday and the 2 candy bars I ate plus other garbage I shoved into my face this past week and no exercise - thinking back it could have been a much bigger gain. Back on track today

thanks for stopping by

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Motivation

I have been avoiding my blog because of my own stupidity. Not that I am stupid, but my actions an lack of action have been pretty much off the charts.
Last week started out ok; I had a good weigh in and was in the right frame of mind then TOM's friend PMS showed up and threw me for a loop. All I wanted was food and I ate just about everything in sight. It doesn't help that last week I had a slight un-fill to help  me be better at getting more meats in... well it has allowed everything else in too.
I did slow down enough to take the kids to the pool on Friday- it was a scorching 105 out and it was much needed- thankfully TOM waited until Saturday to make an appearance.
On Saturday, knowing that I was needing a break from the kids and the house the hubs insisted that I go out and just do what ever I wanted- so I did... I went to Savers, its a kind of thrift store here in town and got myself a few new shirts, then over to Sears where I got a new bra (38DD) I still have boobs they have just fallen and can't get up. I did try on a few dresses that were super cute and summery but  the large was too tight in the bust and the XL was too big so I didn't get it. After that sausage stuffing experience I wasn't done yet I headed over to Ross and tried on several more dresses - not a damn one I liked or looked good in so nothing purchased then as I was driving home feeling all fat and bloated I realized that's why nothing felt right, I WAS all fat and bloated so that thought kept me from jumping off the nearest cliff. As I was driving home I realized I was hungry, not just hungry but blood sugar low hungry- I needed something soon so off to intention was to get a fruit and yogurt parfait... yeah by the time I got to order I had long since forgot about that and ordered a snack size M&M mcflurry... then had to wait 20 mins in the drive through line... I think karma did that on purpose.... Next time I will avoid fast food and get something healthy or make sure to plan ahead. It wasn't a horrible day in fact it was nice until I went to use my microwave and it had died... that's when my hormones went on a rampage.
I finished off Saturday night by getting in bed early but then staying up on the computer... not smart. Stayed up too late and was woken up too early by the princess... not a good way to start the day. The boys and the hubs all slept in making me very jealous and bitter. At 10a I was slamming doors and making sure they all knew mommy was up and not happy and if mommy's not happy ain't nobody happy.
By noon I was seething and it didn't help that hubs was asleep in the recliner as I played referee to my kids. Finally nap time- I was so happy until the hubs decided to take a nap too, taking up the majority of the bed- I lost it. Between the pain from the cramps and the lack of sleep I went off - I mean serious emotions running all over rampage- I was tired, cranky, bitchy, hungry, bloated and a few other dwarfs. I totally went off on my husband for his lack off appreciation of all I do he just sat back and let me scream and cry and then held me and sent me to bed. I got up feeling a little better then later that night I lost it again but this time my aim was at my kids... no one was safe the animals hid outside knowing they were next.
This morning I woke up and felt a little bit more like myself and ended up taking my kids to CiCi's pizza as an "I'm sorry I was a total basket case". If you don't know what CiCi's is it is a pizza buffet- they do have salad but I avoided that and had several pieces of pizza followed by some desert slices and brownies. I know that wasn't the best thing to do- I am trying hard not to fix things with food... It never worked for my mom when I was a kid.
Now here it is almost a week from my last post and I have binged on crap and avoided exercise and I know I will see a gain tomorrow - no I'm not happy about my food choices and lack of movement but I'm human and I get a new chance to do better everyday- and that's what I'm going to do. I will get back up dust the cookie crumbs off my shirt, strap on my shoes and get moving.
I hope that you have had a good start to the week and if you haven't that's ok you get a new chance tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

weigh in day and a whole lotta randomness

Well the scale is still moving and this week it practically jumped down from 156.2 to 153. a loss of 3.2 pounds. I'm 8 pounds away from my goal weight, but I might change it once I get there.

I seem to be PMS'ing and there isn't enough chocolate in the world to help with my cravings so we'll see what next weeks weigh in will be.

Last night the hubs went to the store for me to get something for the boys end of year party- I knew that with my cravings right now that a store was not a place for me... but he did bring me a Hershey bar- and yes I ate every last bite and even enjoyed the heart burn it caused me.

I go in Thursday for another fill... maybe- not sure yet. gonna talk to him and see what he thinks we should do. I feel somewhat satisfied after my meal but certain things I'm still having a hard time with like meat... kind of a big thing right. At the last meeting he discussed a study that showed some LB patients did better with a little less in their band- this allowed them to eat more protein helping them to be satisfied longer... so we will see.

Tonight my doctors office is having their weight loss support group- I've been to the Lap Band support group and the emotional support group, I have yet to go to this one. Tonight they are having a speaker from a plastic surgeons office come in to answer questions about lifts, tucks, and whatever else they can possible do.  Laura Belle would you like me to check on va jay jay reconstruction?

Tomorrow my boys have their promotion ceremony from 5th to 6th grade. I'm sad to see my babies growing up but I guess that means I'm doing something right. One of my boys just found out that he has been accepted to a Magnet school- he is soo into math and science he wants to be FBI or CSI when he gets older and this is a step in the right direction- but this means instead of 2 schools, there will be 3 school that will have to deal with me... yeah I'm one of THOSE moms.

So does anyone else out there deal with the fun of constipation? I mean seriously- I have to take an exlax at least once a week to get things moving. I know I need to get more fiber in my diet- I've even taken fiber supplements but nothing works like exlax.  I'm actually thinking about trying colonics. I have done a lot of reading on it and as yucky as the thought of someone placing a hose up your rear end it supposedly doesn't hurt and the technicians are well trained and help keep you relaxed instead of embarrassed. It helps get all the yucky gross stuff out of your system and helps to regulate your bowels, rids your body of toxins and helps clear up your skin.  So has anyone done this? I would love to know how your experience was... I don't need to know the nitty gritty just the basics. Thanks.

I packed up my C-PAP machine yesterday. It had been sitting on my nightstand collecting dust. I think since I got it last year I had used it a dozen or so times... I just have too much anxiety to wear that mask all night- in fact I often found myself having panic attacks and couldn't sleep with or with out it.

Well that all for now, I think- seriously I think I covered everything.
Hope you're having a good week. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday motivation

I don't know why I fight myself to workout because when I'm done I feel great.
Last week I was beyond lazy but I still saw the scale going down- I guess this whole cutting down on what and how much I eat is a good thing but adding movement really makes the scale move.
My plan for Saturday was to get to the rec center and get my sweat on but the princess woke me up at 5am and that left me in a massively sour mood and I decided that I would rather nap most of the day... so I did. But Sunday I got off my but and moved- I did 70 mins on the tread mill and burned 420 calories then we went to a buffet for dinner- I tasted everything but didn't go overboard- until I went to the desert area and the damn bread pudding yelled at me and then I got stuck.... ugh and of course the bathroom seemed miles away. So to help with damage control from the buffet I got back on the treadmill and did another hour (even did some running) and burned 450ish calories followed by arms and ab work and stretching. I'm a little sore this morning but nothing I can't deal with. Today will be a day of cleaning and then on the tread mill to get a real sweat going.

Hope you're off to a great start to a new week. Thanks for stopping by.