Thursday, May 30, 2013

TTT- my family edition

1. my boys are finishing up their 5th grade year and are moving on to middle school... where did the time go

2. the princess finished up her pre pre-k class at the rec center and this coming school year she will be in the actual elementary school's pre k class- she will be at this school for 7 years and that means I will be at the school for 7 years too- did I mention that I am the PTA president for next year....

3. This June 8th will mark 19years that the hubs and I have been together


4. Tomorrow would have been my parents 44th wedding anniversary


5. my almost 4 year old has started the "why" questions.... this is going to be a long summer


6. I actually enjoyed watching my mom this past weekend
7. My father has been gone for 6 years and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss him

8.  Not sure if I mentioned it or not but my boys are the result of 3 rounds of IVF and I was originally pregnant with triplets but lost one very early on

9. My daughter was a complete surprise- I never thought I could have any more children without medical intervention, well I guess I did have some intervention because the met formin they put me on to help me lose weight helped me to ovulate, yeah they forgot to tell me that part- but I'm glad it happened.

10. If you can't tell my family means the world to me. My biggest fear while growing up was that I would never be a wife or mom but God blessed me with a wonderful loving husband and three beautiful, healthy children

thanks for stopping by and going down memory lane with me. I hope you are having a wonderful week.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

6 month bandaversary

I can't believe it has been 6 months since my Lap Band surgery- I don't know how I've dropped 59 pounds, yes I do- my Lap Band! I am so glad that I decided to take this step for me and my health.
I have attached a few pictures of my journey
August 2012- 3 months before surgery close to 225 pounds
(my 38th birthday- I was bit drunk... no judging)
1 month out- No picture (not a big fan of the camera)
 2 months after surgery- 188 pounds

3 months out- 172 pounds
for some reason I didn't get a 4 month shot
5 months out- 163 pounds

6 months out- 156 pounds
I also checked my waist measurement- and I have actually lost 11 inches off my waist... makes me a happy mama.
thanks for stopping by and supporting me and my journey. Hope you're having a great week

weigh in revised....

OK, so I weighed again and it shows a LOSS of .4 pounds.... I haven't worked out and have only had a meal bar to eat (not an actual breakfast person) but I did go to the bathroom, was a little on the constipated side... TMI right, So I'm gonna keep this one as the official weigh in... is this considered cheating? Either way I'm not at goal yet but I will get there.
so that take me down 59.4 pounds since surgery.

So that's all for now... I think. Have a great day

weigh in day

I knew after all the crud I ingested this weekend I would see a gain but luckily it was only a .6 gain.
I'm not gonna let it get the better of me- I am human and this will take time- this is not a race, this is an on going battle and there will never be a finish line and I am fine with that. 

Well that's all for now- thanks for stopping by. I hope you all had a nice weekend with family and friends and remembered those who fought and are still fighting for our freedom.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

worst mom ever

I swore I would never harp on my kids about their weight. I figured I would go the other route, buy better foods, no more cookies or sugary snacks.... I know I shouldn't be buying it anyways. Well tonight I had my son (the older of my two boys by 1 min) get on the scale so I could finish up the paperwork for his doctors appointment tomorrow. He is 11 and he weighs 173!?!?!? Earlier this year he got on the scale and it was 143... I don't exactly remember when that was but I remember it because I thought that that was the weight that I wanted to be. So since the beginning of the year my son has gained 30 pounds..... taking him to 50 pounds more than his twin brother.
I hated all those times my mother talked to me about my weight- it broke me down and made me feel like I wasn't loved because I was fat and now I feel I am doing that to my son.
I feel like I am the worst mom in the world for having talked to him about this. Have you had to talk to your kids about their weight? How did you do it?
I plan on no longer buying the sugary sweet stuff that I normally purchase, not that its a lot but it's a start. Now I have to get him moving.
I feel crushed for having said anything and I know he does too. I don't know what else to do....
well that's all for now thanks for stopping by.


1. got to the gym today and burned 700 calories in an hour and a half... booya

2. been better with the food today, but the kids are still up and it usually gets bad when the go to bed.

3. the princess had her last day of pre-k at the rec center today- that means no more long visits at the gym for a while- I will have to have my boys watch her so I can keep going during the summer.

4. It's a 4 day weekend for my boys... why is it I never get a 4 day weekend?... oh yeah, I'm a mom

5. taking my oldest to the foot dr tomorrow to remove an ingrown toenail- hoping that he will be go to go by Monday for a BBQ/pool party.

6. still working on the water intake today- i think my headache is because of lack of water

7. I have to watch my mom this weekend... a little back story; she had a heart attack and physically died but was brought back and because the brain was deprived of oxygen she has dementia. She was in a full time care facility for a few years but they kept raising rates, we moved her to another facility and they sucked so my sister brought her back home to live with her but she is going to her step daughters graduation so I get to watch mom. I know it sounds wrong that I am not thrilled about it but it's hard to see mom like this. sure she looks like mom but it's not her; more on this in another post

8. I do get to see some friends this weekend so I am happy about that - mom will have a care giver from 10-6 so I will get to visit with friends on that side of town

9. I just cleaned my house today, as I do everyday and it looks like hurricane hit.

10. I would love to be sitting outside right now but its too windy and mine and the kids allergies are acting up

well thats all for now- thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today sucked

Just a quick accountability update- I was so good today, except for my protein- as the weather heats up I have a hard time getting my protein in. I guess I'll be working on that in the upcoming weeks, thinking lots of of protein shakes with fresh fruits....
Well I say I was good... up until the kids went to bed, then my stomach and my head hunger took over and I succumbed to those damn tortilla chips the hubs brought home with refried beans and salsa- oh so yummy, and I followed it up with the cookies that jumped into my cart while I was at the store today. And don't get me started on my water intake, it has been sucky and then to top off everything today- no real workout- I did do some crunches and leg work while watching TV but nothing that really got me sweating and I like my sweat... makes me feel like I'm doing something.
Tomorrow is a new day of opportunities, my plan - more water, more protein, get to the gym, no eating after 8pm and no cookies!
Can I do it? only time will tell but I'm pretty sure I can... I haven't come all this weigh to be taken down by chips, salsa and cookies- If' I'm going down there better be more to it than that!
Ok, that's all for now- Hope you're all where you want/need to be.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

my time

just back from the gym- (burned 625 calories) I love going to the gym, it's my time for myself- no kids, no husband just me, my music and my thoughts- its my chance to recharge- I don't have to go but I do because I want to- I actually WANT to go to the gym. I get disappointed when I can't get there on a daily basis so I savor the times when I do get there and actually have to give myself a time limit of 2 hours otherwise I would be there all day. Is anyone else like this?

weigh in day

this morning the scale read 156.8..... that's a drop of 2.5 pounds from last week, even after my salt binge this weekend and too many servings of pie. That brings me down 59 pounds since surgery.
I actually think I'm at my sweet spot with my band. I have had a few stuck episodes but that was mainly after eating too big of bites of over cooked meats. But I can eat my portion and be good with it- but I do have an issue with head hunger. Even though I feel satisfied with my meal my head tells me that I didn't eat enough and I have to fight with myself to stay out of the kitchen.
Well that's all for now. Time to get the princess off to Pre-k and me to the gym.

Thanks for stopping by.

Also- my thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the tornado's in OK.

Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend recap and motivational Monday

This past weekend was my hubby's birthday- he is not one to like a big fuss so we (the family) went over to Bass pro shops to let the hubs pick out some new fishing things. While he meandered through the fishing area the kids and I played on the 4 wheelers and the boats. Pretty low key. By the time we left we were all a bit hungry and snacked on beef jerky and moon pies... a southern treat in the middle of Vegas. I did pretty good and only had a bite of the moon pie but I did eat a lot of the jerky and with the salt content I felt it all on Sunday. The hubs stopped at Cardenas, a Hispanic grocery store to get some of his favorite snacks- chips and salsa... the good stuff. So for lunch I had what else, chips and salsa- more salt.
For dinner we went to a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, Enchiladas Verde- it was so good I ended up eating way too much, came with 3 enchiladas and I ate 2 of them plus the rice and beans. I took the 3rd one home and that was gone by bed time, not to mention the key lime pie for desert... major overload.
On Sunday the hubs took the boys fishing leaving me with the princess. I decided to clean, thankfully she wanted nothing to do with it so it got done quickly.
Around lunch the men folk got home and they were famished so as they stuffed their faces I snacked on more chips and salsa... man that stuff is good.
For dinner I made pork chops and steamed veggies... but my band was not having it. I apparently ticked it off with all the salt and it let me know that it was still there and working.
Well I ended up having to run to the store for something for one of my boys and while there I tried to find the jello lemon mering pudding cups but they were out... lucky for me the bakery had actual lemon mering pies and one ended up in my cart and by the end of the night 3 slices of pie made it into my pie hole- so tasty but sooo not good for me.
Here it is Monday and I am trying very hard to avoid the chips, salsa and pie that are sitting in my kitchen- so far i have snacked on watermelon and has some tuna for lunch, oh and lots of water to try and flush out all the sodium from the weekends salt binge.
That brings us to Monday- I got on the scale for an unofficial weigh in and I am actually down 2 pounds... we'll see if that holds till tomorrow for my official weigh in.
I did end up at K-mart today with the princess and decided that I needed a few new things to help get me through until I get to my goal. I picked up 2 pair of capris, both size Medium and 2 tank tops size large - I may have been able to get away with a Medium but I'm pretty sure they will shrink a bit and I don't care to have the busted can of biscuits look going on. Next thing on my list is a new bra...again. the one I have on is a 42DD and I'm on the tightest hook and its on the loose side, plus the cup is a bit too big- not too thrilled about losing the volume form my tata's but if i means being healthy and thinner I'll deal with it.
OK- I think that's all for now
Thanks for stopping by and reading all my ramblings.  I hope that you all had a productive weekend and if you're like me then here's too a new week full of better choices.
Here's my motivation for the week, whats yours?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweating and garbage eating

I dropped the princess off at the rec center for pre-k and I headed to the gym- stayed for 2 hours and burned 731 calories- It felt so good. I just wish people would have the common courtesy to wipe down the machine when they are done with it... eww
Went home and took a much needed shower then went back to get the princess - and what did she want for lunch- fries and chicken from the original clown.... I caved because she hasn't really been eating and I wanted her to eat something even if it is garbage and well while i was there I had to eat too.... i had a mcdouble with half the bun and a fruit and yogurt parfait (I love those) - there went 480 calories I just burned- oh well it is what it is.

I also got on the scale after my workout and it said 157.8..... it doesn't count but man I hope to see that next week.

saw this picture on pinterest and about died laughing... why didn't i ever think of this

I missed my motivational Monday so here is a quick poster for everyone- hope you like it.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Weigh in day

was very hopeful this morning cause I knew where my numbers had been earlier in the week (sale whore) and the numbers stuck- 159 even! a loss of 2.2 pounds from last week- bringing me to 57pounds gone since surgery. I couldn't be more thrilled especially seeing as TOM just left and I hardly got my sweat on. I think I will celebrate by getting my sweat on!
And here is a picture with me and my monkeys from last night- I am trying hard to actually get pictures with them and of them- i swear 11 year olds dodge the camera more than an over weight mama does. (I guess they learned from me... we will have to fix that)
well i guess that's all for now- I need to go suit up for my sweat time. I hope every one is having a great week. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sagging skin

I know, I know- we have all been there or are there or will be heading there but right now I am there and I am not too thrilled with it. I knew it was gonna happen but nothing prepared me for it. Today i took a nice hot bath and noticed my sagging skin was "floating" in the tub-  I felt like i had 10 pounds of extra skin. Thankfully the weight has been steadily dropping, it is starting to slow down and that's fine but I am really starting to notice the extra skin. I've been switching things up at the gym trying to tone things but I am scared that after having a set of twins and then a single and gaining weight and losing it the elasticity in my skin is shot.
I am not letting this get the better of me. I am getting healthy and thinner but as most of us are I am self conscious about it. I am only 6 months out and down 55 pounds and have about 15 more to go to get to my goal and I know that my skin can still get toned but i need to know how long before you noticed your skin starting to firm? What kind of exercise did you do to help it firm?
I keep thinking of the movie Men In Black- but instead of an Edgar suit I'm wearing a Deirdre suit...
I know that this is just vanity talking but seriously what have you done or plan to do to help tighten things up?
thanks for stopping by

Happy mothers day

this is a little late in the day but I hope that all you moms had a great day and fur babies count.
my day didn't start off how I would have liked- I woke up to my 3 year old in bed with me at 6am.... no sleeping in for me today. we did snuggle for a while so that was good. Then I realized that my hubs had gone to an early meeting so he would be free for the day so he wasn't home to make me breakfast and only one boy child was up so i puttered around the kitchen and made me some scrambled eggs and a piece of toast which I ate alone in the kitchen. Then I went to ol' faith full- my computer and hung out there for a while as I waited for the other boy child to wake. Then the hubs got home around 9 and asked if I wanted breakfast.... a little too late. By this time I was not a happy mama so i went and hid in my room and read... my boy children didn't wish me a happy mothers day so i was a little, ok a lot upset.
the hubs came and checked on me...walking on egg shells as he did not sure how I was feeling. I told him about the kids not wishing me a happy mothers day so he got on them for it.
While I hid he had the boys watch the princess and he went and cleaned my van. that was the only thing i wanted for mothers day, well besides being with my kids.
the hubs came in and asked me what i wanted for lunch and made it for me, this time i had the boys eating with me and i got "happy mothers day" finally from them... seemed very forced but I'll take it after all they are halfway to 12 and all that mushy stuff is starting to fall but the wayside.
after lunch i took a hot bath and relaxed then nap time with the princess. I started to feel happy again - thankfully before my mother and grand mother in law got here for dinner. no need in putting them in  bad place on mothers day.
Dinner was yummy- the hubs smoked some baby back ribs and chicken breast, with it we had broccoli salad, potato salad, shrimp cocktail and garlic bread. I only had a rib, lots of shrimp and a small bite of potato salad, i tried the broccoli salad and didn't like it and for desert- orange dreamsicle cake made by my kids. it was all so good and I am still stuffed but my head hunger has been trying real hard tonight, so much that I had another bite of potato salad and I feel sick.
Anyways- my mothers day started not the way i wanted but ended up on a high note. I am very blessed to have my family and would never trade them for the world... a day at the spa maybe but only if i got them back afterwards , but never the world.
i truly hope that everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by and reading my rant- I believe it was brought to me by the last day of TOM- damn TOM always butting in.... ok, i'm done - for now.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

weigh in day

Well today is weigh in day and I am happy to see another 2.4 pounds bite the dust bringing me to 161.2 pounds. So close to the 150's but good things come to those who work their ass' off so I will be working for it.
Tuesday and Thursday are also my day to get my sweat on at the gym as opposed to at home while dealing with children which makes it even more difficult. But I got my sweat on and burned 656 calories in the 2 hours I was there.
Been a little off on my eating today but I blame that on TOM showing up- all I want is ice cream, chocolate, cheese, chips and well everything- thankfully I don't keep that crud in the house, well I do have my ice cream and I have had more than my fair share.
Well that's all for now. Hope you're having a great week. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Double take

This first picture was taken yesterday at my boys school. We (PTA) provided lunch- grilled hot dogs, chips and water. A fellow PTA mom took this picture and I had to take a double take- I almost didn't recognize me.
The second picture was taken back in July 2012 when we took the kids bowling- sadly when I saw this picture I didn't recognize myself rather I didn't want to admit that was me. Amazing what 9 months, a band and a lot of determination can do.
I have been pretty busy the past few days and I am trying to catch up on every ones blogs so I'll be there soon, but in the meanwhile make sure to get your sweat on.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're having a great weekend.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


1. the black cloud is slowly lifting but it will soon be followed by the wonderful PMS tornado

2. went to the gym today and burned 770 calories in 2 hours- I even ran a little

3. Last night I lay on the floor and did crunches while watching tv... i don't really like doing crunches because I have a bad back but I figured why not. didn't hurt my back at all, in fact the only thing that did hurt were my abs so that's a good thing

4. tomorrow is field day at the boys school so the hubs and I are helping out. I am serving lunch and what ever else they want me to do and the hubs will be doing an event- the princess will be getting spoiled at nana's

5. I seriously need to find a better fitting bra... I'm very picky about how the girls look so much so that I altered my favorite bra to fit my skinnier band size. I would go buy another one but I don't want to invest too much in something that may not fit in a month- bras cost way to much

6. my bestie has decided to go forward with LB- I'm so excited for her.

7. I think I will be making a stop soon to my jeweler to size my wedding ring down... it is pretty dang loose and i don't think i can lose much more from my fingers.

8. reading everyones blog is so motivating to me, I'm so glad I found this community

9. my kids get out of school in a month... uggh- 3 months with them, I have no idea what to do...  I may have to go get a job just so I can survive the summer

10. ok, when ya'll log your food into MFP and ya'll log your exercise and it gives you those extra calories, do you use them? i have read different peoples take on this on the MFP message board and man i tell ya, those people are cray cray. So I'm asking ya'll, the "sane" ones to help me out.

well that's all for now, thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Confessions of a food addict

Saw this article today and thought that many of you out there could relate to it; I know I can.

thanks for stopping by