Thursday, May 2, 2013


1. the black cloud is slowly lifting but it will soon be followed by the wonderful PMS tornado

2. went to the gym today and burned 770 calories in 2 hours- I even ran a little

3. Last night I lay on the floor and did crunches while watching tv... i don't really like doing crunches because I have a bad back but I figured why not. didn't hurt my back at all, in fact the only thing that did hurt were my abs so that's a good thing

4. tomorrow is field day at the boys school so the hubs and I are helping out. I am serving lunch and what ever else they want me to do and the hubs will be doing an event- the princess will be getting spoiled at nana's

5. I seriously need to find a better fitting bra... I'm very picky about how the girls look so much so that I altered my favorite bra to fit my skinnier band size. I would go buy another one but I don't want to invest too much in something that may not fit in a month- bras cost way to much

6. my bestie has decided to go forward with LB- I'm so excited for her.

7. I think I will be making a stop soon to my jeweler to size my wedding ring down... it is pretty dang loose and i don't think i can lose much more from my fingers.

8. reading everyones blog is so motivating to me, I'm so glad I found this community

9. my kids get out of school in a month... uggh- 3 months with them, I have no idea what to do...  I may have to go get a job just so I can survive the summer

10. ok, when ya'll log your food into MFP and ya'll log your exercise and it gives you those extra calories, do you use them? i have read different peoples take on this on the MFP message board and man i tell ya, those people are cray cray. So I'm asking ya'll, the "sane" ones to help me out.

well that's all for now, thanks for stopping by