Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend recap and motivational Monday

This past weekend was my hubby's birthday- he is not one to like a big fuss so we (the family) went over to Bass pro shops to let the hubs pick out some new fishing things. While he meandered through the fishing area the kids and I played on the 4 wheelers and the boats. Pretty low key. By the time we left we were all a bit hungry and snacked on beef jerky and moon pies... a southern treat in the middle of Vegas. I did pretty good and only had a bite of the moon pie but I did eat a lot of the jerky and with the salt content I felt it all on Sunday. The hubs stopped at Cardenas, a Hispanic grocery store to get some of his favorite snacks- chips and salsa... the good stuff. So for lunch I had what else, chips and salsa- more salt.
For dinner we went to a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, Enchiladas Verde- it was so good I ended up eating way too much, came with 3 enchiladas and I ate 2 of them plus the rice and beans. I took the 3rd one home and that was gone by bed time, not to mention the key lime pie for desert... major overload.
On Sunday the hubs took the boys fishing leaving me with the princess. I decided to clean, thankfully she wanted nothing to do with it so it got done quickly.
Around lunch the men folk got home and they were famished so as they stuffed their faces I snacked on more chips and salsa... man that stuff is good.
For dinner I made pork chops and steamed veggies... but my band was not having it. I apparently ticked it off with all the salt and it let me know that it was still there and working.
Well I ended up having to run to the store for something for one of my boys and while there I tried to find the jello lemon mering pudding cups but they were out... lucky for me the bakery had actual lemon mering pies and one ended up in my cart and by the end of the night 3 slices of pie made it into my pie hole- so tasty but sooo not good for me.
Here it is Monday and I am trying very hard to avoid the chips, salsa and pie that are sitting in my kitchen- so far i have snacked on watermelon and has some tuna for lunch, oh and lots of water to try and flush out all the sodium from the weekends salt binge.
That brings us to Monday- I got on the scale for an unofficial weigh in and I am actually down 2 pounds... we'll see if that holds till tomorrow for my official weigh in.
I did end up at K-mart today with the princess and decided that I needed a few new things to help get me through until I get to my goal. I picked up 2 pair of capris, both size Medium and 2 tank tops size large - I may have been able to get away with a Medium but I'm pretty sure they will shrink a bit and I don't care to have the busted can of biscuits look going on. Next thing on my list is a new bra...again. the one I have on is a 42DD and I'm on the tightest hook and its on the loose side, plus the cup is a bit too big- not too thrilled about losing the volume form my tata's but if i means being healthy and thinner I'll deal with it.
OK- I think that's all for now
Thanks for stopping by and reading all my ramblings.  I hope that you all had a productive weekend and if you're like me then here's too a new week full of better choices.
Here's my motivation for the week, whats yours?