Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweating and garbage eating

I dropped the princess off at the rec center for pre-k and I headed to the gym- stayed for 2 hours and burned 731 calories- It felt so good. I just wish people would have the common courtesy to wipe down the machine when they are done with it... eww
Went home and took a much needed shower then went back to get the princess - and what did she want for lunch- fries and chicken from the original clown.... I caved because she hasn't really been eating and I wanted her to eat something even if it is garbage and well while i was there I had to eat too.... i had a mcdouble with half the bun and a fruit and yogurt parfait (I love those) - there went 480 calories I just burned- oh well it is what it is.

I also got on the scale after my workout and it said 157.8..... it doesn't count but man I hope to see that next week.

saw this picture on pinterest and about died laughing... why didn't i ever think of this

I missed my motivational Monday so here is a quick poster for everyone- hope you like it.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.