Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm still alive- if anyone cares...

I am in a slight pitty party mood- TOM is here and has brought along massive cravings and no will power, I have been shoveling ice cream and candy into my mouth like its going out of style - but on the bright side my husband who has been battling his demons has decided that enough is enough and has stopped smoking things other than cigarettes and has come clean to his sponsor and his friends and has recommitted himself to the program so that makes me very happy.
It has been a very long couple of weeks. Last week was getting everything finalized for the welcome back breakfast for the teachers plus the meet and greet at 2 different middle schools plus the meet and greet at the school I'm PTA president at- but I just got word that the princess has been accepted into the Pre-K program so now there are 3 schools that have to deal with me - yes I am one of "those" moms.
This week has been full of getting kids ready for school and into the groove of school- plus getting the boohoo breakfast for the kindergarten parents on Monday followed directly by the princesses Pre-k interview... its a program that the school just started last year and is funded by a grant and can only have 18 children - so they have to interview and right now they have 40 children on the waiting list... yikes
I did weigh in on Tuesday but didn't post it so here it is...141.6 a 2 pound loss from the week before - sadly no picture but I promise its right.
I know I need to go in and get a slight un-fill but I am having a hard time remembering to call and get in during the day- I usually remember at night when I am feeling filled to the brim only a few bites in and by then its too late to call- I think I will put in a reminder in my phone so that I actually call and get in- I have been yacking way too much and its not a pleasant feeling or experience.
Now that the princess will be in Pre-k from 9-11:30 I will now have time to get to the gym not that I didn't have time before I just had more excuses than time.. same old story right.
September is going to bring with it new opportunities to get back on track and I will begin the maintenance portion of this life long journey.
ok I'm done for now- hopefully it wont be so long before my next post. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Labor Day weekend

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 weeks worth of weigh ins and a staycation

It has been over a week since I last posted- lets see what has happened... not a lot.
Lets begin with last weeks weigh in - 146.0 a drop of .8 from the week prior.
Today is my next weigh in - 143.6 a drop of 2.6 pounds !!! :) (happy dance commence)
I had mentioned at one time that I was going to take my boys to one of the downtown hotels to have a mini staycation- wasn't as fun as they would have liked; all of our friends bailed on it so that left just the 3 of us.
We checked in and got settled into our room- waited a bit to see if anyone was gonna show.. well that didn't happen so we headed to the pool... first off let me say I love, love, love sharks... and this pool surrounds a shark tank and has a tube slide that goes right through it. Will was the first of us to go down, he loved it so of course I had to try it too- it was a lengthy line for a quick ride (isn't that always the case) but you go down so fast you cant really look around when you slide through the tank. Rob didn't feel up to going down- them being boys they got hungry so we headed up to the room where our snacks were. we all got dressed and decided to head down and walk around the Freemont Street experience- it is five football lengths long- and the boys and I walked it (getting them to walk around is like pulling teeth but they did it with out complaining once)
We eventually ended up at one of the food courts inside where the boys had subw@y and  had Z@bas. Then we walked again- got some st@rbucks and then to get a souvenir for each of them.
We ended up going back to the room earlier than I would have liked, all the smoke and crowds were really getting to my boys - so we went up to the room and after I felt that they were safe and sound I went and got them a deep fried tweenkie, deep fried 0reos and a frozen banana- let me just say - it's not all its cracked up to be... the best part was the fried dough around the treat itself.
Eventually my walking stomachs wanted food- MEAT! so down we went to get a chili dog and chicken fingers, and then back to the room to eat and then finally to sleep.
we woke up early enough to head to the pool before check out- I didn't want to leave. I could have watched them swim for a life time. Then back to the room to get our stuff and head home. Other than that bit of fun its been pretty dull.
I am already starting with PTA planning stuff and even helping with planning my 20 high school reunion- so I have been pretty busy with hanging out on the computer and doing research on ideas.
well that's pretty much it for now- sorry about my ramblings- here are a few pics from our "trip to Vegas"
Me and Robert

Me and William

My boys

My sharks (my kids are the far left heads)


Robert with his St@rbucks and sunglasses that he picked as his souvenir

as up close and personal you can get without a cage 



Love this pool


my Elvi

Don't poke the bear

Will- bear hug

Rob- bear hug

Robert- camera hog

my little princess
ok- I think that's all- hope I didn't bore you. Thanks for stopping by- hope you have a great week

Friday, August 9, 2013

WARNING**RANT**the walmart way has pusshed me over the edge-

ok- let me warn you this is post is a vent and could get very long winded and I can already feel my blood pressure starting to rise at the thought of the events of the day.
I headed off with Robert to do our bi-weekly shopping trip at the walmart on craig and nellis (here in vegas of course). The day started as usual- took about 2.5hours to fill up 2 carts full of food then headed to the check stand (1 of only 3 that were open- of course) waited in line about 20 min before we even started putting our groceries on the belt. Ok, no now its our turn- put all of our items on the belt and have all my price matches at the back (common courtesy right) so we get to the price matches and right off the bat I know that from listening to another customer fight with he price matches that I too am going to have some fighting to do. So here we go- produce first- I have a match for pineapple- 3 of them for$5 so 1 would be $1.66 right- well because apparently this is too low a price they want to see the add... uh the ad that they say on commercials and on their corporate site that you do not have to have.... well I had most of my ads-the ones I didn't have were because I saw the sales circular online- and this happened to be one of those- so Agnus my cashier calls over a CSM- which I figured out later that that stands for complete stupid moron. anyways Rob the moron comes over and I explain that I saw the sales circular on the stores website- right away he points out the sign that says they do not match online prices.... I explain that it is NOT an online price but the price on their sales circular that is posted on their website - he argued say that was an online price. My argument that it was just the same as going online and seeing the newspaper circular at say k-mart or target on their website but with groceries- he was not budging- even after I threatened to cancel my transaction... I decided it wasn't worth it so I told them to put it back... so we keep having this issue on price matches- asking what store, and to show them the ad, again- what part of "you do not need the ad for price match" do they not understand-
So I play along- even when I get to the meats- that I have pork chops on price match for like 1.88 a pound- the moron in charge said that those prices were for family packs only- I was so done by this point I didn't even grab my ad- I just told him to put it back. so we're done- almost, now its time for my coupons... and those of you who know me know I love my coupons and am still mourning the loss of my printer since I usually print most of mine up- well apparently the check stand I am at has issues with scanning coupons, printed or from the paper- so the Agnus the cashier asks another moron in charge by the name of Victor if she can just key them in- he says no-and that they can take me to another register and transfer my ticket there and try scanning them there but if they didn't scan they would NOT key them in- even though the coupons were manufacturers coupons both printed and from the paper- so what he was telling me was I was crap out of luck- even though at this point my sale had exceeded $400- apparently they didn't care if they lost the sale or not- so I told him to cancel the whole damn thing! he actually asked if that's what I wanted to do- hell yes it was- by this time it is getting close to 4- I have had it - I am so done with their crappy customer service, the stupid policies they have that they seem to change on a daily basis, and the morons that run the store. I vow never to step foot in their stores again- I am even transferring my prescriptions to a different store just so I don't "have" to go there ever again. 

oh and I have used their real names in case anyone is interested, oh and just so it's clear all remarks here are solely mine (but most likely many others have had similar experiences)
 The hubs has already called corporate and I should be getting a call back next week- I will keep you posted.

oh and let me just ask ya'll out there- if you are a price matcher like I am- and you see an ad for 9.99 on dog food (16-18.5 pounds) and all they have is the 20 pound bag that has the 1.5 pounds extra for free (so basically the 18.5 pound bag price) wouldn't you expect them to price match it? Yeah me too.

Well I am going to sit back and let my blood pressure come back to a healthy level and then decide what store will be getting my money from here on out.

hope ya'll are having a better start to your weekend than I am
thanks for stopping by- oh and if you have a Wal-Mart horror story let me know- I would love to hear it.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

weigh in day, fur babies and furniture

As is always the norm on Tuesday mornings, I wake up to my daughter telling me to wake up- then I head to the loo to do my business then I step on the scale- I usually know where the scale will be (scale whore remember) but the numbers have been all over the place so I had no idea what the numbers would read. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw 146.8 on the scale! A two pound loss since last week. Just another 1.8 pounds till I'm at goal... and then we will see where I want to go.

Now to my fur babies- earlier this year we had to put my Cookie Monster down due to health issues, she was 16yrs old and had a long and happy life full of love. 7 years ago we adopted our Jack Rat- I believe he had a lot to do with Cookie living so long but now that she is gone he has gone into a depression and since the cats want nothing to do with him we decided to adopt another dog- she is about 5 yrs old, a Rottweiler and such a sweet heart. She has the name Chola... not really something we like so we are going to try to train her to answer to Schatzie - German for little sweetheart. She has been in the shelter since June 26th this year and she will be freed Thursday when she gets to come home with us - my kids are so excited, I just hope our Jack Rat will be excited too.

My boys share a room- its a decent sized room but they each have a queen size bed and had 2 separate dressers- I did combine them into one dresser but the room is still pretty packed- I mean these are two 11 yr od boys. So I have purchased them futons that will fold out into full size beds along with new dressers and a desk... downsizing but adding to the furniture... Hopefully it works out. I might post pictures later- If I can make it into their room alive. wish me luck
Tomorrow is my interview- I am hopeful that I get it but kinda not- does that make sense? I love the thought of brining home a paycheck and being around other adults and using my brain on a higher level but the thought scares the crud out of me. I have been a SAHM for 4 years now- my boys are going into middle school and my daughter starts pre school and I really want to be there for my kids but I know that they are growing up and don't "need" me around all the time- but I also remember being their age and my mom asking if I minded if she went back to work- I did NOT want her to go so she stayed home and realized that all I wanted was to have the security of her being there- cause all I would do was get home from school, put my things away say hi to mom then off to play until dinner... so why was she there? I'm torn- I guess I'll see how the interview goes before I get myself into a panic attack over it.
Well that's all for now- I'm off to pick up furniture and then to assemble it (does that count as a workout?)
Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

this ime last year

I was celebrating my 38th birthday- and at my heaviest weight of 225- today I weighed in at 148- I love my band.
Sexy face right- I hated having my picture taken... still not to fond of it
(btw. I miss my boobs)

this was taken last year august 4th - what a difference a year makes when you have a piece of plastic wrapped around your stomach ;)

I have been tight because of TOM and have been sticking to shakes and soft foods to avoid the infamous BP (been happening too much lately)
If I am still tight after TOM leaves I will be making an appointment to have a little taken off the top.

Speaking of taking a little off the top- I finally got my hair cut. I have know my hair dresser about15 years, long before she started doing hair. So she has seen me in all stages of hair and weight loss... and now that I am starting to get my hair back from the weight loss she talked me into a new do... Let me just say I am one who stays with what I know. My hair is usually just below my shoulder and either pulled up on the sides or in a pony tail... I hate having my hair in my face. Well she talked me into an A line bob cut.... I think her goal was to make it to where I couldn't wear a pony tail anymore... goal accomplished. I still not used to it but I do like it... just weird seeing a totally different style (plus I threw some color on it cause it was looking horrid)
this was last night August 3rd
We are seriously thinking of adopting a new fur baby. My Jack rat seems to still be in a depression since the loss of our other dog - so we think a new friend may help.

my jack rat
I other news I actually have been putting my resume out there and I got a nibble- an actual interview for this coming Wednesday - seems so weird, the last time I had an interview was back in 2004... I actually had to go borrow something to wear from my sister (something I would never have been able to do tis time last year). I don't want to say too much about the job possibility cause I don't want to jinx it- but if you think about it, please send some positive vibes, good juju, or a few prayers my way.
The job is not a matter of life or poverty- the hubs has a good job and I love being a stay at home mom but I would love to have some interaction with other adults and if it includes a paycheck why not- plus it will help us take care of my mother in law- she is fighting for disability and is really struggling to keep her head above water.
ok, enough about that- how has your weekend been? my legs, butt and thighs are a bit sore from Carolyn's 30 day squat challenge you can check her out on FB - Carolyn's Corner Weight Loss Support Group 
Well that's all for now- thanks for stopping by- have a great day!


Friday, August 2, 2013

not WLS relatedbut I NEED to vent

I have always tried to keep with the thought process that if something doesn't happen than it just wasn't meant to be and that something better may be on the horizon - well in some cases that just doesn't hold up.
Let me start at the beginning- and please bare with me as this may get long winded.

My husband has been with the same company for 8 years and in the past year is attitude and work ethic has improved greatly since he got sober - but has always had a good work ethics. Well this past spring his immediate supervisor retired leaving an opening that needed to be filled. His co-workers had persuaded him to apply for the position, so after much thought and prayer he decided to give it a shot- now with this company it is not just a simple application- it took him a few hours to finish it and once it was scored he was given an interview along with a few others that had passed the application process (my hubs did score the highest from within the company to be considered for the promotion) After the first interview he was told by a few people that were on the interview committee that he did very well and that he should be getting a second interview. Up until this point he had tried to keep from getting his hope up too high as he usually gets crushed when things don't go well (as we all tend to do)
Well he did get the second interview- it was between him and someone from the outside world; not too shabby right, so now he's getting pumped and really wants to get the position because they are always saying how they want to promote from the inside.
He goes through the second interview, again getting great reviews from those doing the interview again feeling really good to where he starts thinking what he will need to do when he gets the job, not IF he gets the job.
So he gets to work the other day and is told that he needs to meet with the manager-  so he calls me to tell me it can be 1 of 3 things... he's getting written up, he got employee of the month or he got the job... the thought that he didn't get the job didn't even cross his mind.
So he meets with the manager- let me just clarify that the manager was not in the interviews and is only going by what the scores and notes from the interview committee and the applications. He is told that he didn't get the position - he is crushed and keeps it together while he gets the "pep talk" saying that it was close; there were only 3 points between him and the other candidate, don't think of it as getting passed over, if there is another position that opens up he will be the first one he thinks of, blah blah blah, then he follows up all that smoke that he's blowing to suggest that he get more experience in a specific area...   well the hubs at this point is just wanting to get out of there and lick his wounds.
So the rest of the day he is mulling over all that he has heard from his manager and it dawns on him that the area that he was told to get more experience in is a position that he had held for 5 yeas and was a supervisor in that area while at his previous job and yes that was discussed in the interviews and was on the application. So now he is mad rather than crushed and realizes that the manager had no intention of hiring.
this was yesterday
Today he finds out from a few other supervisors and people that were on the interview committee that he was never going to get the job because the manager wanted to hire the other candidate because he was retired military and so is the manager- they had just gone through the motions to make it look as though they were doing things by the book- just as he had realized
So now he is even more pissed that he got his hopes up and that they played him knowing that they  were never going to promote him even after the manager had talked to the department saying that he was going to promote from within as was the usual policy...
Now his moral is down as well as many others in his department and even other supervisors- no one wants the other guy and I know its going to hell when he takes the position.

well that's my vent for now- I am so mad that he had to go through all tat crap and that he was played and what hurts most is that I can't make it better. I really hate when I can't fix things to make people feel better.

thanks for reading- I hope I didn't bore you.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


1. I missed my weekly weigh in- I'm down one pound from last week. I'll take it!

2. I had an appointment with my band doctor on Tuesday and he says I am officially in the 25% BMI

3. Wednesday was mine and my daughters birthday- we didn't do much of anything, but we did go out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes... they can be pretty pricey but I had a coupon so I decided on thatfor dinner

4. I finally got rid of the last of the birthday from the party on Sunday- meaning I gave it to my mother in law. I had actually managed to avoid it yesterday and decided I wanted needed it out of the house.

5. TOM is lingering in the background - I just wish he would show up already and get it over with- I'm bloated and swollen, crampy and achy

6. Because of TOM coming my band has decided to get as tight as a drum making eating a chore- I have been having shakes for breakfast and for lunch and I have to be careful with dinner

7. for my birthday the hubs and kids got me a Samsung tablet- I love it and yet I'm on my lap top... old habits die hard.

8. I am so over this summer, it has been pretty boring and uneventful.

9. To add a little fun to the summer I plan on taking my boys to Fremont Street to stay at one of the hotels and take advantage of their pool and then wander on freemont street and maybe take in a movie.

10. I really need to get off my butt and get moving again. but I have started a 30 day squat challenge posted by Carolyn's Corner Weight Loss Support Group on FB - go see her page and add to the support.

well that's all for now- I'm going to pop a midol to help ease the achiness and bloating I have going on
thanks for stopping by- hope your week is going well