Thursday, August 1, 2013


1. I missed my weekly weigh in- I'm down one pound from last week. I'll take it!

2. I had an appointment with my band doctor on Tuesday and he says I am officially in the 25% BMI

3. Wednesday was mine and my daughters birthday- we didn't do much of anything, but we did go out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes... they can be pretty pricey but I had a coupon so I decided on thatfor dinner

4. I finally got rid of the last of the birthday from the party on Sunday- meaning I gave it to my mother in law. I had actually managed to avoid it yesterday and decided I wanted needed it out of the house.

5. TOM is lingering in the background - I just wish he would show up already and get it over with- I'm bloated and swollen, crampy and achy

6. Because of TOM coming my band has decided to get as tight as a drum making eating a chore- I have been having shakes for breakfast and for lunch and I have to be careful with dinner

7. for my birthday the hubs and kids got me a Samsung tablet- I love it and yet I'm on my lap top... old habits die hard.

8. I am so over this summer, it has been pretty boring and uneventful.

9. To add a little fun to the summer I plan on taking my boys to Fremont Street to stay at one of the hotels and take advantage of their pool and then wander on freemont street and maybe take in a movie.

10. I really need to get off my butt and get moving again. but I have started a 30 day squat challenge posted by Carolyn's Corner Weight Loss Support Group on FB - go see her page and add to the support.

well that's all for now- I'm going to pop a midol to help ease the achiness and bloating I have going on
thanks for stopping by- hope your week is going well