Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm still alive- if anyone cares...

I am in a slight pitty party mood- TOM is here and has brought along massive cravings and no will power, I have been shoveling ice cream and candy into my mouth like its going out of style - but on the bright side my husband who has been battling his demons has decided that enough is enough and has stopped smoking things other than cigarettes and has come clean to his sponsor and his friends and has recommitted himself to the program so that makes me very happy.
It has been a very long couple of weeks. Last week was getting everything finalized for the welcome back breakfast for the teachers plus the meet and greet at 2 different middle schools plus the meet and greet at the school I'm PTA president at- but I just got word that the princess has been accepted into the Pre-K program so now there are 3 schools that have to deal with me - yes I am one of "those" moms.
This week has been full of getting kids ready for school and into the groove of school- plus getting the boohoo breakfast for the kindergarten parents on Monday followed directly by the princesses Pre-k interview... its a program that the school just started last year and is funded by a grant and can only have 18 children - so they have to interview and right now they have 40 children on the waiting list... yikes
I did weigh in on Tuesday but didn't post it so here it is...141.6 a 2 pound loss from the week before - sadly no picture but I promise its right.
I know I need to go in and get a slight un-fill but I am having a hard time remembering to call and get in during the day- I usually remember at night when I am feeling filled to the brim only a few bites in and by then its too late to call- I think I will put in a reminder in my phone so that I actually call and get in- I have been yacking way too much and its not a pleasant feeling or experience.
Now that the princess will be in Pre-k from 9-11:30 I will now have time to get to the gym not that I didn't have time before I just had more excuses than time.. same old story right.
September is going to bring with it new opportunities to get back on track and I will begin the maintenance portion of this life long journey.
ok I'm done for now- hopefully it wont be so long before my next post. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Labor Day weekend