Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weigh in day

As is the routine for every Tuesday for the past 40 weeks I steeped on the scale and today it read 142.6 a gain of one pound- seeing as I have not been drinking near enough water and eating like I don't have a band even though it reminds me every time I over do it I'll take it.
But now that the boys are back in school and the princess is in Pre-k from 9-11:30 I don't have any excuses not to get my butt off the couch and get back to moving.
TOM is gone and the cravings are subsiding- although I now have a taste for ice cream again...but Its gone and I do not plan on buying any anytime soon... well that's my plan we'll see what happens
but I do hear the cookies calling me from the other room... uggh... where is my will power

I know what I need to do its just a matter of doing it- well that's all for now- thanks for stopping by