Saturday, September 7, 2013

loss of my fur baby

This morning went as expected- not good. My Jack Rat had paralysis in his spine arthritis in his back legs and the mass that was on his back leg that we though was just a cyst may have actually been cancer. There was nothing much that could have been done that would have guaranteed a long life for him and keeping him with us in the pain he was in would have ben selfish so we made the decision to have him wait for us at Rainbow Bridge where he will be healthy and can run and jump again and will keep Cookie Monster company until we reunite. I was with him the whole time- I held him and pet him and talked to him as he slipped into his deep sleep- He was a great dog, so loving and was very loyal even to the end- I will miss him beyond what words can express.
The hubs showed up as soon as he could but wasn't there as he took his last breath but he did say his goodbye this morning- it was very hard for him as it was for me
When I got home one of my boys asked where Jack was and all I could d was shake my head and he broke down which started the other one to crying that made me cry again, the princess is too young to understand that he wont be coming back- trying to explain that God is holding onto them at the Rainbow Bridge until we are reunited is not an easy task. The newest fur baby, Shatzie knows something's wrong because I keep crying so she has been sitting right next to me more so than usual.
My boys right now seem to b ok but I keep crying into my bowl of ice cream... not good I know but right now I don't really care. The pain of this will eventually fade and I will come to grips with his passing but right now it is fresh and bringing up memories of my Cookie Monster too- I miss them both so much right now.
Well that's all I can bare to write right now- I'm sorry that this was not a happy post but it was necessary. Thanks for stopping by and if you have a fur baby please give them a hug and a kiss for me.