Monday, July 29, 2013

not so motivational monday

OMG it's Monday night and I haven't posted since last Tuesday
Am I the only one who loses track of the days on summer break? the only way I realize its the actual weekend is when I see the hubs 2 full days in a row.
I can't believe there are 4 weeks left of my kids summer break, I feel as though time is flying yet stalled all at the same time. and yet we have done nothing exciting - It has either too hot or too expensive... I really hate that there is nothing really kid friends and cheap (besides a park) here in Vegas and every time I think "lets go to the pool" there is a storm on it's way. So here we sit and here I stay. I have no motivation on this Monday.
Last week I was doing good, I actually saw 146 on the scale- (scale whore) but the number doesn't count unless it's weigh in day on Tuesday- and today I got on and saw 149...uggh. And I don't see anything really changing between now and weigh in day tomorrow.
Last week my food was right on target in fact some days came in under target. And then Saturday rolled around... This coming Wednesday is mine and my daughters birthday- so the hubs took me to dinner- one of my favorite places- Jer ry's Nu gget- their prime rib is to die for!  But I was good, instead of getting my normal 8-10 oz portion I shared with the hubs... I had the salad to start and then had what seemed to be a good 3 oz portion of the prime rib, a small chunk of the baked potato- not bad right... I avoided the garlic toast and avoided drinking during my meal- I ate slow and started feeling full so I put back the little bit of prime rib that I couldn't finish... but then she asked if we wanted desert- oh lemme tell ya, this place also have a killer bakery that makes the most awesome ├ęclairs I have ever had just short of my own mothers home made ones- so of course the hubs and I had to share one... and we did pretty good- we cut it in half and put one half in a to go box and then spilt the other half in half...  awesome dinner - just a little overboard but nothing near what I used to do.  Well we proceeded to go out that evening and enjoy some much needed couple time- and at the end of the night I decided I "needed" another taste of that ├ęclair... I ended up eating the other half all by myself and I wont even get into the 2 am stop at the De1 Tac0 drive through...hanging my head in shame...
Well Sunday I woke up to finish the final preparations for my daughters birthday party. And what is a party without party food. We had nacho cheese chips, cheesy puffs, corn chips and cheese dip, potato chips and French onion dip, I did have a veggi platter with fresh made ranch dip and a fruit dip with a sugary sweet dip... OMG- it was also tasty and I grazed all afternoon... not good, not good at all. And what birthday is complete without cake and ice cream. I had ordered a 1/2 sheet cake-  chocolate with a strawberry filling and butter cream icing... yumm! then last night my boys had their friends spend the night- a total of 5 11yr old boys so one of the other mommies brought over pizza...seriously I need to be put in an institution- I was not hungry, I did not feel hungry I did not want to eat and yet I had 2 pieces!  I went to bed feeling sick and bloated then I woke this morning I woke up and had a piece of cake- really! what is my problem?!?!
Right now as I type I know that there is still 1/4 of that cake sitting in my fridge... and I have been picking at it all day- along with picking at all the left over snacks from yesterday. Then I realized I am just a few days away from TOM's arrival... seriously- why is it that my hormones feel that they can control me during this time- It frustrates me to no end- I'm good 3 weeks out of the month and then bam- poor food choices. And the crappy thing is I'm sitting here on the verge of a BP because I decided that on top of the shake I thought would be good for dinner to help slow the damages done by the weekend- it just wasn't filling the void- so I ate some cheesy puffs, and carrots that I smothered in that homemade ranch dip followed by a microwave burrito covered in salsa... and all I can think about is that damn cake sitting in the fridge!- and that cake has managed to get itself onto a plate and sit right next to me... hello will power where are you!?!?!

tomorrow I have an appointment with my fill doctor... I do not plan on getting one- but I have been banded for 9 months so I need to go on in and make sure everything is going good- and seeing as I have lost 75 pounds since this time last year I think I'm doing ok... I am a little discouraged that it has been 2 months since my slight un-fill (to let me eat actual meats for protein) and I have only lost 5 pounds.... and I have been tossing those back and forth on the scale- I know that once the daily routine gets back to normal meaning the kids are back in school I can get back to the gym and start feeling better- I know that is an excuse- I should be able to get to the gym now but my motivation isn't here... hopefully I will find my motivation tomorrow until then I will leave you with a picture of me at my heaviest- 225 and at my lightest 146
my birthday last year- 225

a month before surgery close to 215
Saturday night- 146
I must remember this! 
Sorry for the long post- I hope you all have a great week and that you find your motivation to get out there and sweat!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

weigh in day

Stepped on the scale and was happy to see the 140's again... 149.4!!! I am hoping to stay in the 140's for a while.
still haven't been that great with the exercise- but I'm moving more than I was earlier this summer.

Well that's about it for now- thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

getting my sweat on

60 minutes, over 3.5 miles of walking and sprints, with 400 calories burned- got good and sweaty and I feel great!
So far today I have only had 441 calories worth of food.... so I want to know- do you eat back the calories burned?

weigh in day

weigh in day today- no gain and no loss- the same weight as last week 151 and seeing as I ate way too many sweets I'll take it.
Also- note to self, if I want to see a change get back on the treadmill and take your thyroid and blood pressure meds-its amazing how those things help. Now I just need to get out and pick them up.

Nothing else to report- thanks for stopping by. Have a great week

Monday, July 15, 2013

getting my motivation back

I have been feeling cocky lately when it comes to my weight loss- and it is catching up to me. 
I had been eating good but not moving but still was losing weight until last week when I had a 1 pound gain and being the scale whore that I am I am sure to see yet another gain tomorrow.  I had a feeling that things were going to bad when it came to the scale when the sugar demons went with me to the store on Friday and several bags of m&m's landed in my cart (I had a coupon-several coupons) plus the bag of chocolate covered pretzels that I ate all on my own. I need an intervention before I get sucked into the deep dark hole.

Like I said it has been a while since I got my sweat on- This past weekend I did start doing some toning exercise (my butt, thighs and arms are still burning) and then today I dusted off the treadmill and walked 4 miles the calorie burn was low (325) but it was a pretty low impact walk but the main thing is I did it. the goal is to do it again tomorrow and then the day after that and the day after that....

I have 2 weeks till my birthday and I would love to be at my goal of 145 but I don't know if it will happen - today the scale was 152- that would mean dropping 7 pounds in 16 days... not impossible but very unlikely. I will just be happy that I am 75 pound lighter than I was last year on my birthday.

here is a picture from last years birthday celebration- hard to believe that I was that person.  this is my motivation to keep going so I will never be that person again

damn I miss my boobs

me and my bestie (yes the lighting sucks but it was a blast)
thanks for stopping by- hope you have a sweaty, productive, fat burning week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

weigh in day

weigh in day- a gain of 1.2 pounds- bringing me back to 151. Though I am not happy by the gain I am not surprised by it but I will not let it define me. I could blame water weight and the heat but seriously I have been lazy and haven't done much so this does not surprise me- plus my eating this past week has been bad- I sent the hubs out to get me chocolate and he did and I ate... a lot of it- not to mention the cake and bread that Robert made last night ( I have had way more than I should have) but I will get back on track because I am worth it.
I have seen the 140's and have proof that the scale can dip that low- I will get back on track and refocus and will do it.

thanks for stopping by. Have a great day

how about a quicky?

Nothing too exciting to write about. Been staying home with the family this weekend- between the heat and the fires up on the mountain it is not very good air out there.

One of my boys has decided that he wants to be a chef when he grows up- he loves to cook and experiment. the other day he was looking at my cook books and found an old recipe of my grandmothers for miracle whip fudge cake. He wanted to make this so today I went and got what we needed and he made it- all by himself. It was awesome- reminded me of being a kid, my mom always me that cake for our birthdays. He also made a banana bread, again my grandmothers recipe - all by himself... again yummy- but my band was not a fan. It has been sitting there for a good while, hasn't come back yet although I wish it would.
 Now I am waiting so that I can have some water and take my pills and get to bed. Tomorrow, actually I guess that would be later today, is weigh in day and I had a slice of both the cake and bread plus TOM is here and I haven't had a real work out in a few weeks so if I see a loss or the same as last week I will be very grateful; if I see a gain I wont be the least bit surprised. The band is a tool and you get out if it what you put into it. Yes I am being lazy, I know it and I am not making excuses. I will get back on my treadmill and get my sweat on... I keep saying that and it has yet to happen- but I have a new goal- last week my weight was 149.8, I would like to get to 145 by my birthday which is the 31st of this month- so that's a little more than 3 weeks. I'm going to give it a shot and we shall see if it happens. If it doesn't happen by my birthday it will be ok, I will get there sooner than later.

well that's all for now- thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday weekly randomness

Here it is, Friday night 11pm and I am sitting in bed- just making love to a bag of Hershey's chocolates- earlier this evening I was with a bag of potato chips... shhh- don't let them know about each other. Did I want to- yes, should I have- no; but I'm a big girl and made my decision - actually TOM has a lot to do with the decision making today... and it hasn't been good.

Today started out ok... we were having friends over, one of my mommy friends birthday was the other day so we threw her a little surprise party and where there's a party there is food and cake. My son made the cake last night and the only thing I did was help lick the bowl... then this morning he decorated it and again the only thing I did was help "clean" up the frosting.
Friends showed up with their kids- I was thrilled to see my friends and have conversations with other estrogen, uterus carrying people. We had the typical crap food to choose from- nacho chips, cheese puffs, potato chips and French onion dip and my favorite chips and rotel dip and then we had pizza and cake- a pure junk food feast. The bad thing is it was at my house and I bought all the crap (with the exception of the pizza- the other mommy's bought that) but still- no fruit, no veggis... nothing at all healthy unless you count the bell peppers, onions and mushrooms on my one slice of pizza- yes, just one slice and I had to force that down on top of all the chips I had eaten. I have been doing pretty good with my food (basically lack of appetite due to the heat)- but TOM showed up today and his good friend poor food choices and cravings came along for the ride. So all my discipline has gone out the window- I just hope it comes back before next weekend when we celebrate another birthday, this time one of the kids ... this time not my kid or my house- but at the mommy who bakes the most yummy treats (I mean she makes Betty Crocker look like an amateur). So it better get back in time.

Tonight we had turkey burgers (that's kinda healthy, right?) and my mother in laws potato salad and home made baked beans- I was so stuffed but kept eating it was sooo good- I love her potato salad and this was the first time she made homemade baked beans and man were they tasty.

So how was everyone's 4th of July? I hope good and safe. Nothing too much to write about from me- we went to a friends house and swam- he had chips and rotel (making me want more, hence my binge today) then for a late lunch some grilled steak (I love steak- who am I kidding I love FOOD) but I only had a very small piece (no room after all the chips and dip) then we came home and the boys and the hubs went out and blew things up, lit fireworks. I stayed inside sitting between the princess and the dog- both extremely freaked out from the noise. I found a 4th of July celebration on the TV and we enjoyed that... the princess thought it was very exciting but didn't want to go outside to see anything live because it was too scary. The logic of an almost 4 year old.
pretty much sums up my neighborhood

mmmm ROTEL!!!!!

Wednesday we went and visited my Great Aunt Nancy at her costume shop- the shop has been here for over 50 years- she herself was a showgirl at the El Rancho and her husband actually worked for Bugsy. She is so full of stories I told her the next time I get over to her I wanted to pick her brain and learn more about her life here in town... to my surprise she has actually written down a lot of the stories so I really look forward to reading that. As a kid I never really paid attention to my mom and dad and their "stories" of growing up- now with my dad being gone for the past 7 years and my mom not having her full mental capacity I really wish I had paid attention - I lost a lot of time that I wish I could get back... so I'm going to make up for it by getting to know my great aunt (my moms aunt)
She's in the middle row- 3rd over (1949)

Posing with one of the many costumes at her shop (2012)
 Tuesday we went swimming but I already posted about that- but I did mention that I needed a new swim suit cause mine was hanging off me- well I got one and I think I look pretty damn good in it.
It's a 2 piece- a tank toppish top and swim shorts- I know I had said before that the other suit I was fine in without the skirt, shorts and whatever flounce they add- but I actually feel really comfy in it and that is important to me- especially when I have to chase around an almost 4 yr old at the pool.
this is kinda what the other suit looked like but in black- (sorry for the small pic)

here's the top ( I fill it out much better)
 the bottoms I have are shorts - the best part its a size 12!!
Goal for the weekend- try not to melt- temperatures are dropping- its a nice and chilly 108 today but 25% humidity (yes I know that's not a lot compared to where a lot of you are but hot is hot no mater if its wet or dry heat)
Also I need to get my self back to walking on the treadmill. I have  plenty of motivation just no desire, I really need to work on that.
Other than that nothing really planned- what about you- any plans for the weekend? Is the heat messing with your workout routines and eating habits?
oh and to beat the current level I'm playing on Candy crush saga... seriously- anyone else addicted to that game?
Have a great weekend- thanks for stopping by!



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

weigh in day and a little bit of mindless rambling

The scale is still going down even though I personally haven't really moved much- but my eating has been pretty good- too hot to really eat a lot and with the heat we have I could just be melting and not really know it.
This morning my scale read 149.8 - the 140's....woohoo! I don't think I have been in the 140's since at least grade school.

I am very happy with my band and my loss of weight and inches- I have actually lost 12 inches off my waist! That's a foot of belly gone, and hopefully one day whether it be by pure body toning, medical intervention or act of God I will have a flat belly.

Today I took the kidlets to the rec center pool with my mother in law- surprisingly it wasn't that crowded. I am happy to say that I actually felt comfortable wearing a bathing suit that does not have shorts, a skirt or a cover up attached to it- however the suit I have is getting too big on me- I mean droopy butt, lose crotch- oh so sexy; so I think I am going to have to go back out and get a better fitting suit.

Does the 4th of July make any one else out the cringe?
Don't get me wrong, I am very proud to be an American but here in Vegas they start up the fireworks stands a week before the 4th and people start setting them off at all hours of the day...and their not just the "safe and sane" fireworks they have the illegal ones that you have to drive and get form the Indian reservation- the big boom kinds that shoot up high in the sky and then their flying sparks come racing back to the hot dry ground and set fires to everything- grass, houses, people... not really a way I care to celebrate. My family usually invests a small fortune on the safe and sane ones that my boys love to light- with adult supervision of course (what is it with boys and explosives?).  My daughter is not too keen on the loud noises so she usually watches from within the safe confines of her air conditioned room. I would prefer to sit and watch televised fireworks shows- no crowds, air conditioned, and I don't have to deal with minor burns of fizzling sparklers.

This past Saturday was the PTA summer leadership training - so as President for the 2013-2014 year I was required to attend. I actually enjoyed myself and found myself actually learning stuff I thought I knew but didn't really know, ya know what I mean?
Oh and there were vendors!! I love vendors! they give you FREE things- seriously I came home with 4 tote bags full of stuff I probably will never use but it was all FREE!!!! My kids were in heaven... I mean seriously- I had 4 chap sticks with different companies logos on them, hand sanitizer, soda/beer can cadies, tape measurers, Christmas ornaments to schools that aren't even in this city and the list goes on. But I did get a few goodies that I did not let the kids take- A roll of wrapping paper, an anklet, a big bag of panda popcorn (milk & white chocolate covered popcorn- I kept that for the hubs)
a nice big coffee cup (a definite re-gift kinda gift). Plus pens from everyone along with information from their company and why we should use them... I never realized how hard it is to pick out a company for a fundraiser- I seriously have 5 companies "wooing" me. (and the gifts keep coming in) Don't worry- I will be using those gifts procured outside the seminar to use for PTA drawings.

My boys spent the night at their nana's house the past 2 nights night- giving me the perfect chance to clean my house. They have been home for 3 weeks and my house shows it. It is very hard to clean in the middle of a dust storm- and my kids are the storm- I do try to keep things picked up to a point but the other night I CLEANED! I scrubbed, I vacuumed, I swept, I mopped, I did loads and loads of laundry and still I cleaned. And then today I let the kids back in the house.... surprisingly it is still clean- but I do not know for how long.

Ok well that's all I have for ya'll right now. Hope you're having a great week. Thanks for stopping by.