Tuesday, July 2, 2013

weigh in day and a little bit of mindless rambling

The scale is still going down even though I personally haven't really moved much- but my eating has been pretty good- too hot to really eat a lot and with the heat we have I could just be melting and not really know it.
This morning my scale read 149.8 - the 140's....woohoo! I don't think I have been in the 140's since at least grade school.

I am very happy with my band and my loss of weight and inches- I have actually lost 12 inches off my waist! That's a foot of belly gone, and hopefully one day whether it be by pure body toning, medical intervention or act of God I will have a flat belly.

Today I took the kidlets to the rec center pool with my mother in law- surprisingly it wasn't that crowded. I am happy to say that I actually felt comfortable wearing a bathing suit that does not have shorts, a skirt or a cover up attached to it- however the suit I have is getting too big on me- I mean droopy butt, lose crotch- oh so sexy; so I think I am going to have to go back out and get a better fitting suit.

Does the 4th of July make any one else out the cringe?
Don't get me wrong, I am very proud to be an American but here in Vegas they start up the fireworks stands a week before the 4th and people start setting them off at all hours of the day...and their not just the "safe and sane" fireworks they have the illegal ones that you have to drive and get form the Indian reservation- the big boom kinds that shoot up high in the sky and then their flying sparks come racing back to the hot dry ground and set fires to everything- grass, houses, people... not really a way I care to celebrate. My family usually invests a small fortune on the safe and sane ones that my boys love to light- with adult supervision of course (what is it with boys and explosives?).  My daughter is not too keen on the loud noises so she usually watches from within the safe confines of her air conditioned room. I would prefer to sit and watch televised fireworks shows- no crowds, air conditioned, and I don't have to deal with minor burns of fizzling sparklers.

This past Saturday was the PTA summer leadership training - so as President for the 2013-2014 year I was required to attend. I actually enjoyed myself and found myself actually learning stuff I thought I knew but didn't really know, ya know what I mean?
Oh and there were vendors!! I love vendors! they give you FREE things- seriously I came home with 4 tote bags full of stuff I probably will never use but it was all FREE!!!! My kids were in heaven... I mean seriously- I had 4 chap sticks with different companies logos on them, hand sanitizer, soda/beer can cadies, tape measurers, Christmas ornaments to schools that aren't even in this city and the list goes on. But I did get a few goodies that I did not let the kids take- A roll of wrapping paper, an anklet, a big bag of panda popcorn (milk & white chocolate covered popcorn- I kept that for the hubs)
a nice big coffee cup (a definite re-gift kinda gift). Plus pens from everyone along with information from their company and why we should use them... I never realized how hard it is to pick out a company for a fundraiser- I seriously have 5 companies "wooing" me. (and the gifts keep coming in) Don't worry- I will be using those gifts procured outside the seminar to use for PTA drawings.

My boys spent the night at their nana's house the past 2 nights night- giving me the perfect chance to clean my house. They have been home for 3 weeks and my house shows it. It is very hard to clean in the middle of a dust storm- and my kids are the storm- I do try to keep things picked up to a point but the other night I CLEANED! I scrubbed, I vacuumed, I swept, I mopped, I did loads and loads of laundry and still I cleaned. And then today I let the kids back in the house.... surprisingly it is still clean- but I do not know for how long.

Ok well that's all I have for ya'll right now. Hope you're having a great week. Thanks for stopping by.