Monday, July 15, 2013

getting my motivation back

I have been feeling cocky lately when it comes to my weight loss- and it is catching up to me. 
I had been eating good but not moving but still was losing weight until last week when I had a 1 pound gain and being the scale whore that I am I am sure to see yet another gain tomorrow.  I had a feeling that things were going to bad when it came to the scale when the sugar demons went with me to the store on Friday and several bags of m&m's landed in my cart (I had a coupon-several coupons) plus the bag of chocolate covered pretzels that I ate all on my own. I need an intervention before I get sucked into the deep dark hole.

Like I said it has been a while since I got my sweat on- This past weekend I did start doing some toning exercise (my butt, thighs and arms are still burning) and then today I dusted off the treadmill and walked 4 miles the calorie burn was low (325) but it was a pretty low impact walk but the main thing is I did it. the goal is to do it again tomorrow and then the day after that and the day after that....

I have 2 weeks till my birthday and I would love to be at my goal of 145 but I don't know if it will happen - today the scale was 152- that would mean dropping 7 pounds in 16 days... not impossible but very unlikely. I will just be happy that I am 75 pound lighter than I was last year on my birthday.

here is a picture from last years birthday celebration- hard to believe that I was that person.  this is my motivation to keep going so I will never be that person again

damn I miss my boobs

me and my bestie (yes the lighting sucks but it was a blast)
thanks for stopping by- hope you have a sweaty, productive, fat burning week!