Tuesday, July 9, 2013

how about a quicky?

Nothing too exciting to write about. Been staying home with the family this weekend- between the heat and the fires up on the mountain it is not very good air out there.

One of my boys has decided that he wants to be a chef when he grows up- he loves to cook and experiment. the other day he was looking at my cook books and found an old recipe of my grandmothers for miracle whip fudge cake. He wanted to make this so today I went and got what we needed and he made it- all by himself. It was awesome- reminded me of being a kid, my mom always me that cake for our birthdays. He also made a banana bread, again my grandmothers recipe - all by himself... again yummy- but my band was not a fan. It has been sitting there for a good while, hasn't come back yet although I wish it would.
 Now I am waiting so that I can have some water and take my pills and get to bed. Tomorrow, actually I guess that would be later today, is weigh in day and I had a slice of both the cake and bread plus TOM is here and I haven't had a real work out in a few weeks so if I see a loss or the same as last week I will be very grateful; if I see a gain I wont be the least bit surprised. The band is a tool and you get out if it what you put into it. Yes I am being lazy, I know it and I am not making excuses. I will get back on my treadmill and get my sweat on... I keep saying that and it has yet to happen- but I have a new goal- last week my weight was 149.8, I would like to get to 145 by my birthday which is the 31st of this month- so that's a little more than 3 weeks. I'm going to give it a shot and we shall see if it happens. If it doesn't happen by my birthday it will be ok, I will get there sooner than later.

well that's all for now- thanks for stopping by.