Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday ramblings

First off it is Saturday at 6am... and I'm up (somewhat willingly)- I have a PTA training class today from 8-4 and I did that whole sleep thing where you don't really sleep because you might oversleep. So now I have about 45 minutes to kill so here I am.

Weather wise right now it's a cool and crisp 91 degrees and should reach only 120 today - Summer hell is here; and with this being Sin City even Satan had to leave because it was too not for him.

Before I forget, Happy Canada Day to all those up north.

I have been pretty lazy this past week when it comes to exercise- it has been too hot to even think of sweating on purpose but my food has been good, again too hot to really eat.

I stepped on the scale yesterday morning just because I'm a scale whore and I saw 148- holly crap on a cracker... the 140's..... woohoo... then I got on again this morning.... 150-  still going down from my weigh in day and now that I have tasted the 140's I want more so I guess I am going to have to put my overheated, pre sweated butt back on the treadmill and bust out my weights.

My niece who lived us her senior year of high school had moved to PA to be with boyfriend and go to collage is moving back to town- as in literally they are on the road right now, just a few hours away... I am so excited to see her. She really helped me out when she was here. She was so upset when I told her I was getting the band, she didn't like the idea of me "changing" who I am... but she has since realized I as a person have not changed but my exterior has- I can't wait for her to see how good I look :)

Back to living in Sin City- let me clear up a few myths- not all of us work in a casino, and if we do we do not live in said casino- we have 596,424 residents (give or take a few) and only155,000 hotel rooms (give or take a few). We do not all gamble, drink or are strippers, showgirls or prostitutes.  Oh and if you ever want to visit- avoid the summer months unless you enjoy temperatures that rival that of the Sun's (even thought the hotel rates are much cheaper)
Personally I have worked on the "strip" but never as a stripper, aint nobody wanting to see all that but I was a housekeeper (ya'll tourist can be pretty nasy at times, someone has to clean that mess up) KENO writer/runner (kinda like lotto meets BINGO) and a hotel operator)
oh and I have lived here for 24 years and still can't tolerate the heat.

Ok well I should get back to getting ready for my training. Hope you're all enjoying a relaxing and cool weekend. Thanks for stopping by.