Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The support group that wasn't and retail therapy

I have been trying harder to make it to support groups and tonight was no exception. This evening was the emotional support group- I've been once before and thought I really need to go tonight. I called this morning to confirm that it was in fact tonight and that time and planned my day accordingly. I had to arrange for my mother in law to watch the kids because my meeting would overlap with the hubs meeting. Got the kids dropped off and drove though rush hour traffic just in time to get there to find the meeting had been canceled! Really?!?!? It would have been nice to know this before I left the house. I mean seriously they have a FB account, they could have posted something about it there.
In an attempt to wait out the traffic situation I headed to the mall; the doctors office is in the same parking lot so it wasn't really out of my way. I walked though originally looking for Fredrick's of Hollywood but got sidetracked at JCP. I ended up trying on at least 20 dresses... I am not a real dress person- always felt huge in them but I was feeling pretty good and liked half of them but settled on one. I may actually get a picture of myself in it and let ya'll get a peek.  my husband is laughing at me because I am getting slightly obsessed with dresses... in his defense I was online shopping/browsing for dresses when he went to bed and had 5 different store windows up.
On the exercise front I actually worked a bit last night with my weights and then on the treadmill today. The kids are at their nana's tonight so I will get to sleep in and then will get my well rested rump on the treadmill again.
Well that's all for now. Hope your having a great day. Thanks for stopping by.