Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weigh in day and week in review

weigh in day- down 2 pounds from my 2.4 pound gain last week- bringing me to 
seems I'm in the yoyo stage of my loss...but I have lost 70 pounds from my highest weight (223 according to my regular doctor who I saw yesterday) and 62.4 since my surgery date (215.8).  I'm pretty happy where I am but I wouldn't mind getting down to 145 with a flat tummy but that will happen in time and most likely with some more surgery.

Last week another mommy friend and I ventured up to Mt Charleston with our kids... (my 3 and  3 out of her 4) and attempted to hike up Mary Jane Falls... I say attempt because hiking with two 3 yr olds, a 5 yr old, a 6 yr old and two 11 yr olds makes the hike just that much harder. We ended up getting perhaps a quarter of the way up and then turning back to have our picnic that the kids were ready and eager to eat.


my mommy friend and all the kids

Then that night the family went to dinner- back to CiCi's pizza buffet... yeah not a good idea but it tasted soo good. After that we went to the park to let the kids run off the sugar and carbs the consumed in mass quantities.
crappy picture but me and the princess

me and the hubbs

Robert and I

William and I
When we got home and the kids got in bed I got on the tread mill and walked 3 miles. That was all on friday. Then Saturday and Sunday I walked just over 4 miles and then last night I walked over 5 miles. My knees and hips are sore and I know I should probably be taking something for that but I just don't know what. Any ideas out there?
I did ask my doctor yesterday when I saw him but we got sidetracked with other issues I am having regarding my mental health and family issues... the hubs is dealing with some demons in his life and is not handling it in a healthy way so therefore I am not handling it well... he went to the store the other night and brought home a bag of peppermint patties... I ate almost half the bag (hence the 4 mile walk that night) and then today he went to get milk and brought back another bag of candy
So far I have avoided this but I have had chips and dip and cheesy puffs and a sugar free fudge pop... not sure what is worse. I defiantly see another walk in my future. 


Last night I took my kids and their friends to my friends house to pick up a guitar she was giving my boys. On the way home my car happened to drive straight to McDonalds and proceeded to buy mcflurries for all of us. Some how I managed to have a stuck episode on ice cream! Really, ice cream?  Well after I felt it finally go down I managed to get the rest down and then when I got home I walked 5 miles as my penance.
Today I'm trying to take it easy- my hips are starting to hurt so I might not get my walk in, but I'm sure that I will - I'm a gluten for punishment.
Tomorrow I have plans to take the kids and their friends swimming with my mommy friend- the one we went hiking;  so it will be her with and her 4 kids.... and me and my 3 plus 2 "loaner" kids aka their friends.  I'm hoping to be able to enjoy some time in the sun and soak up some vitamin D- we will see.
Well that wraps up my week, sorry for the jumping around and randomness of todays post. I think I will go take some ibuprofen and hope that my hips and knees stop hurting soon.
Hope you're having a good week