Friday, September 6, 2013

take the good, take the bad, take them both and there you have my life...

Ok, so yesterday I finally remembered to call and get into my band doctor to get some fluid out- I had been having too many stuck/BP moments and heartburn- they were able to get me in with the PA- it was her first time dealing with me and I don't think I liked her- with my doctor I hardly feel it but with her I swear she used me as a pin cushion- ouch! But other than that it was pretty quick and I was out of there in 10 minutes. Today has been better but I did over do it this morning and did have a small episode.
While I was there I was weighed and I was at 142 that's a drop of 7 pounds from the last time I was in there so I'm pretty happy with that- now if only my life would slow down a bit so I can get to the gym.
My kids are back in school- even the princess; she is there from 9-11:30 m-th so that give me a little time to go but this past week I was at the school doing PTA stuff for he beginning of the year and am finally slowing down on that.
Now between getting 3 kids to 3 different schools, keeping the house in some kind of working order, keeping their standard student attire clean and ready for the next day of school the hubs is going full force to his meetings and the kids and I have started to go to meetings for us, then the hubs truck batteries dies- both of them (he has a diesel engine) so we had to spend a fortune on batteries and the overtime that he had worked was barely reflected on his check due to a pay cut and health insurance payment- so just a little bit of stress going on financially and time wise and now tomorrow I have to take my Jack rat to the vet- he is unable to use his back legs- He can not go out on his own- I have to carry him out then hose him off because he can't stand up to do his business, he does "crawl" by using his two front legs but it causes him so much pain that if you touch his front legs/paws he winces and growls in pain. He has been like this for a few weeks but we haven't been able to fit his vet bill into our budget until now and I'm afraid of what the vet is going to say. He had been limping before this but on his front leg- but after we put cookie down it got worse- we adopted a friend for him hoping it would bring him out of his depression but it only seems to have gotten worse... I am really not looking forward to tomorrow. - sorry to be a downer but this is really weighing on my heart and mind tonight
sorry about my ramblings... its just been a crazy long week. thanks for stopping by hope your week is running smoother than mine