Friday, August 9, 2013

WARNING**RANT**the walmart way has pusshed me over the edge-

ok- let me warn you this is post is a vent and could get very long winded and I can already feel my blood pressure starting to rise at the thought of the events of the day.
I headed off with Robert to do our bi-weekly shopping trip at the walmart on craig and nellis (here in vegas of course). The day started as usual- took about 2.5hours to fill up 2 carts full of food then headed to the check stand (1 of only 3 that were open- of course) waited in line about 20 min before we even started putting our groceries on the belt. Ok, no now its our turn- put all of our items on the belt and have all my price matches at the back (common courtesy right) so we get to the price matches and right off the bat I know that from listening to another customer fight with he price matches that I too am going to have some fighting to do. So here we go- produce first- I have a match for pineapple- 3 of them for$5 so 1 would be $1.66 right- well because apparently this is too low a price they want to see the add... uh the ad that they say on commercials and on their corporate site that you do not have to have.... well I had most of my ads-the ones I didn't have were because I saw the sales circular online- and this happened to be one of those- so Agnus my cashier calls over a CSM- which I figured out later that that stands for complete stupid moron. anyways Rob the moron comes over and I explain that I saw the sales circular on the stores website- right away he points out the sign that says they do not match online prices.... I explain that it is NOT an online price but the price on their sales circular that is posted on their website - he argued say that was an online price. My argument that it was just the same as going online and seeing the newspaper circular at say k-mart or target on their website but with groceries- he was not budging- even after I threatened to cancel my transaction... I decided it wasn't worth it so I told them to put it back... so we keep having this issue on price matches- asking what store, and to show them the ad, again- what part of "you do not need the ad for price match" do they not understand-
So I play along- even when I get to the meats- that I have pork chops on price match for like 1.88 a pound- the moron in charge said that those prices were for family packs only- I was so done by this point I didn't even grab my ad- I just told him to put it back. so we're done- almost, now its time for my coupons... and those of you who know me know I love my coupons and am still mourning the loss of my printer since I usually print most of mine up- well apparently the check stand I am at has issues with scanning coupons, printed or from the paper- so the Agnus the cashier asks another moron in charge by the name of Victor if she can just key them in- he says no-and that they can take me to another register and transfer my ticket there and try scanning them there but if they didn't scan they would NOT key them in- even though the coupons were manufacturers coupons both printed and from the paper- so what he was telling me was I was crap out of luck- even though at this point my sale had exceeded $400- apparently they didn't care if they lost the sale or not- so I told him to cancel the whole damn thing! he actually asked if that's what I wanted to do- hell yes it was- by this time it is getting close to 4- I have had it - I am so done with their crappy customer service, the stupid policies they have that they seem to change on a daily basis, and the morons that run the store. I vow never to step foot in their stores again- I am even transferring my prescriptions to a different store just so I don't "have" to go there ever again. 

oh and I have used their real names in case anyone is interested, oh and just so it's clear all remarks here are solely mine (but most likely many others have had similar experiences)
 The hubs has already called corporate and I should be getting a call back next week- I will keep you posted.

oh and let me just ask ya'll out there- if you are a price matcher like I am- and you see an ad for 9.99 on dog food (16-18.5 pounds) and all they have is the 20 pound bag that has the 1.5 pounds extra for free (so basically the 18.5 pound bag price) wouldn't you expect them to price match it? Yeah me too.

Well I am going to sit back and let my blood pressure come back to a healthy level and then decide what store will be getting my money from here on out.

hope ya'll are having a better start to your weekend than I am
thanks for stopping by- oh and if you have a Wal-Mart horror story let me know- I would love to hear it.