Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 weeks worth of weigh ins and a staycation

It has been over a week since I last posted- lets see what has happened... not a lot.
Lets begin with last weeks weigh in - 146.0 a drop of .8 from the week prior.
Today is my next weigh in - 143.6 a drop of 2.6 pounds !!! :) (happy dance commence)
I had mentioned at one time that I was going to take my boys to one of the downtown hotels to have a mini staycation- wasn't as fun as they would have liked; all of our friends bailed on it so that left just the 3 of us.
We checked in and got settled into our room- waited a bit to see if anyone was gonna show.. well that didn't happen so we headed to the pool... first off let me say I love, love, love sharks... and this pool surrounds a shark tank and has a tube slide that goes right through it. Will was the first of us to go down, he loved it so of course I had to try it too- it was a lengthy line for a quick ride (isn't that always the case) but you go down so fast you cant really look around when you slide through the tank. Rob didn't feel up to going down- them being boys they got hungry so we headed up to the room where our snacks were. we all got dressed and decided to head down and walk around the Freemont Street experience- it is five football lengths long- and the boys and I walked it (getting them to walk around is like pulling teeth but they did it with out complaining once)
We eventually ended up at one of the food courts inside where the boys had subw@y and  had Z@bas. Then we walked again- got some st@rbucks and then to get a souvenir for each of them.
We ended up going back to the room earlier than I would have liked, all the smoke and crowds were really getting to my boys - so we went up to the room and after I felt that they were safe and sound I went and got them a deep fried tweenkie, deep fried 0reos and a frozen banana- let me just say - it's not all its cracked up to be... the best part was the fried dough around the treat itself.
Eventually my walking stomachs wanted food- MEAT! so down we went to get a chili dog and chicken fingers, and then back to the room to eat and then finally to sleep.
we woke up early enough to head to the pool before check out- I didn't want to leave. I could have watched them swim for a life time. Then back to the room to get our stuff and head home. Other than that bit of fun its been pretty dull.
I am already starting with PTA planning stuff and even helping with planning my 20 high school reunion- so I have been pretty busy with hanging out on the computer and doing research on ideas.
well that's pretty much it for now- sorry about my ramblings- here are a few pics from our "trip to Vegas"
Me and Robert

Me and William

My boys

My sharks (my kids are the far left heads)


Robert with his St@rbucks and sunglasses that he picked as his souvenir

as up close and personal you can get without a cage 



Love this pool


my Elvi

Don't poke the bear

Will- bear hug

Rob- bear hug

Robert- camera hog

my little princess
ok- I think that's all- hope I didn't bore you. Thanks for stopping by- hope you have a great week