Friday, August 2, 2013

not WLS relatedbut I NEED to vent

I have always tried to keep with the thought process that if something doesn't happen than it just wasn't meant to be and that something better may be on the horizon - well in some cases that just doesn't hold up.
Let me start at the beginning- and please bare with me as this may get long winded.

My husband has been with the same company for 8 years and in the past year is attitude and work ethic has improved greatly since he got sober - but has always had a good work ethics. Well this past spring his immediate supervisor retired leaving an opening that needed to be filled. His co-workers had persuaded him to apply for the position, so after much thought and prayer he decided to give it a shot- now with this company it is not just a simple application- it took him a few hours to finish it and once it was scored he was given an interview along with a few others that had passed the application process (my hubs did score the highest from within the company to be considered for the promotion) After the first interview he was told by a few people that were on the interview committee that he did very well and that he should be getting a second interview. Up until this point he had tried to keep from getting his hope up too high as he usually gets crushed when things don't go well (as we all tend to do)
Well he did get the second interview- it was between him and someone from the outside world; not too shabby right, so now he's getting pumped and really wants to get the position because they are always saying how they want to promote from the inside.
He goes through the second interview, again getting great reviews from those doing the interview again feeling really good to where he starts thinking what he will need to do when he gets the job, not IF he gets the job.
So he gets to work the other day and is told that he needs to meet with the manager-  so he calls me to tell me it can be 1 of 3 things... he's getting written up, he got employee of the month or he got the job... the thought that he didn't get the job didn't even cross his mind.
So he meets with the manager- let me just clarify that the manager was not in the interviews and is only going by what the scores and notes from the interview committee and the applications. He is told that he didn't get the position - he is crushed and keeps it together while he gets the "pep talk" saying that it was close; there were only 3 points between him and the other candidate, don't think of it as getting passed over, if there is another position that opens up he will be the first one he thinks of, blah blah blah, then he follows up all that smoke that he's blowing to suggest that he get more experience in a specific area...   well the hubs at this point is just wanting to get out of there and lick his wounds.
So the rest of the day he is mulling over all that he has heard from his manager and it dawns on him that the area that he was told to get more experience in is a position that he had held for 5 yeas and was a supervisor in that area while at his previous job and yes that was discussed in the interviews and was on the application. So now he is mad rather than crushed and realizes that the manager had no intention of hiring.
this was yesterday
Today he finds out from a few other supervisors and people that were on the interview committee that he was never going to get the job because the manager wanted to hire the other candidate because he was retired military and so is the manager- they had just gone through the motions to make it look as though they were doing things by the book- just as he had realized
So now he is even more pissed that he got his hopes up and that they played him knowing that they  were never going to promote him even after the manager had talked to the department saying that he was going to promote from within as was the usual policy...
Now his moral is down as well as many others in his department and even other supervisors- no one wants the other guy and I know its going to hell when he takes the position.

well that's my vent for now- I am so mad that he had to go through all tat crap and that he was played and what hurts most is that I can't make it better. I really hate when I can't fix things to make people feel better.

thanks for reading- I hope I didn't bore you.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great weekend.