Sunday, August 4, 2013

this ime last year

I was celebrating my 38th birthday- and at my heaviest weight of 225- today I weighed in at 148- I love my band.
Sexy face right- I hated having my picture taken... still not to fond of it
(btw. I miss my boobs)

this was taken last year august 4th - what a difference a year makes when you have a piece of plastic wrapped around your stomach ;)

I have been tight because of TOM and have been sticking to shakes and soft foods to avoid the infamous BP (been happening too much lately)
If I am still tight after TOM leaves I will be making an appointment to have a little taken off the top.

Speaking of taking a little off the top- I finally got my hair cut. I have know my hair dresser about15 years, long before she started doing hair. So she has seen me in all stages of hair and weight loss... and now that I am starting to get my hair back from the weight loss she talked me into a new do... Let me just say I am one who stays with what I know. My hair is usually just below my shoulder and either pulled up on the sides or in a pony tail... I hate having my hair in my face. Well she talked me into an A line bob cut.... I think her goal was to make it to where I couldn't wear a pony tail anymore... goal accomplished. I still not used to it but I do like it... just weird seeing a totally different style (plus I threw some color on it cause it was looking horrid)
this was last night August 3rd
We are seriously thinking of adopting a new fur baby. My Jack rat seems to still be in a depression since the loss of our other dog - so we think a new friend may help.

my jack rat
I other news I actually have been putting my resume out there and I got a nibble- an actual interview for this coming Wednesday - seems so weird, the last time I had an interview was back in 2004... I actually had to go borrow something to wear from my sister (something I would never have been able to do tis time last year). I don't want to say too much about the job possibility cause I don't want to jinx it- but if you think about it, please send some positive vibes, good juju, or a few prayers my way.
The job is not a matter of life or poverty- the hubs has a good job and I love being a stay at home mom but I would love to have some interaction with other adults and if it includes a paycheck why not- plus it will help us take care of my mother in law- she is fighting for disability and is really struggling to keep her head above water.
ok, enough about that- how has your weekend been? my legs, butt and thighs are a bit sore from Carolyn's 30 day squat challenge you can check her out on FB - Carolyn's Corner Weight Loss Support Group 
Well that's all for now- thanks for stopping by- have a great day!