Thursday, May 23, 2013

worst mom ever

I swore I would never harp on my kids about their weight. I figured I would go the other route, buy better foods, no more cookies or sugary snacks.... I know I shouldn't be buying it anyways. Well tonight I had my son (the older of my two boys by 1 min) get on the scale so I could finish up the paperwork for his doctors appointment tomorrow. He is 11 and he weighs 173!?!?!? Earlier this year he got on the scale and it was 143... I don't exactly remember when that was but I remember it because I thought that that was the weight that I wanted to be. So since the beginning of the year my son has gained 30 pounds..... taking him to 50 pounds more than his twin brother.
I hated all those times my mother talked to me about my weight- it broke me down and made me feel like I wasn't loved because I was fat and now I feel I am doing that to my son.
I feel like I am the worst mom in the world for having talked to him about this. Have you had to talk to your kids about their weight? How did you do it?
I plan on no longer buying the sugary sweet stuff that I normally purchase, not that its a lot but it's a start. Now I have to get him moving.
I feel crushed for having said anything and I know he does too. I don't know what else to do....
well that's all for now thanks for stopping by.