Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today sucked

Just a quick accountability update- I was so good today, except for my protein- as the weather heats up I have a hard time getting my protein in. I guess I'll be working on that in the upcoming weeks, thinking lots of of protein shakes with fresh fruits....
Well I say I was good... up until the kids went to bed, then my stomach and my head hunger took over and I succumbed to those damn tortilla chips the hubs brought home with refried beans and salsa- oh so yummy, and I followed it up with the cookies that jumped into my cart while I was at the store today. And don't get me started on my water intake, it has been sucky and then to top off everything today- no real workout- I did do some crunches and leg work while watching TV but nothing that really got me sweating and I like my sweat... makes me feel like I'm doing something.
Tomorrow is a new day of opportunities, my plan - more water, more protein, get to the gym, no eating after 8pm and no cookies!
Can I do it? only time will tell but I'm pretty sure I can... I haven't come all this weigh to be taken down by chips, salsa and cookies- If' I'm going down there better be more to it than that!
Ok, that's all for now- Hope you're all where you want/need to be.
Thanks for stopping by.