Thursday, May 23, 2013


1. got to the gym today and burned 700 calories in an hour and a half... booya

2. been better with the food today, but the kids are still up and it usually gets bad when the go to bed.

3. the princess had her last day of pre-k at the rec center today- that means no more long visits at the gym for a while- I will have to have my boys watch her so I can keep going during the summer.

4. It's a 4 day weekend for my boys... why is it I never get a 4 day weekend?... oh yeah, I'm a mom

5. taking my oldest to the foot dr tomorrow to remove an ingrown toenail- hoping that he will be go to go by Monday for a BBQ/pool party.

6. still working on the water intake today- i think my headache is because of lack of water

7. I have to watch my mom this weekend... a little back story; she had a heart attack and physically died but was brought back and because the brain was deprived of oxygen she has dementia. She was in a full time care facility for a few years but they kept raising rates, we moved her to another facility and they sucked so my sister brought her back home to live with her but she is going to her step daughters graduation so I get to watch mom. I know it sounds wrong that I am not thrilled about it but it's hard to see mom like this. sure she looks like mom but it's not her; more on this in another post

8. I do get to see some friends this weekend so I am happy about that - mom will have a care giver from 10-6 so I will get to visit with friends on that side of town

9. I just cleaned my house today, as I do everyday and it looks like hurricane hit.

10. I would love to be sitting outside right now but its too windy and mine and the kids allergies are acting up

well thats all for now- thanks for stopping by