Saturday, September 27, 2014

In good company

I actually just saw that I started this post back in June... so why not post it...

I know I said before I would post more and be accountable- yeah, I know that was a month ago. But I seem to be in good company. I just caught up with the few blogs that I keep up with and it seems we have all had the Spring time funk but just as I am doing they are getting back into the groove of things.
Last time I was here I was getting too comfortable in the 160's...169 to be exact, not a happy moment. I have been about as active as a slug in a coma so I am surprised that I am currently at 163- I can handle that but I know I can go lower. The lowest number i have seen on the scale was 139...  not sure I want to go that low again, I was feeling too skinny then... did I just say that.
I know I need a fill, I have been able to eat as much as a foot ball player - I have been starting my day with a 2 egg spinach and mushroom omelet and from there I keep snacking through the day, I just can't get a grip on my hunger, but I'm feeling gun-shy about getting a fill right now because I'm getting close to TOM and I usually always get tight as a drum during that time and with too much fluid in my band it means i can't get fluids down at all... not a pretty picture but if I don't do something soon I will be pushing the 170's again...uggh.
The one bonus to my weight gain is that the 'girls" filled back out- man have I missed them, (so has the hubs ;) ) they were looking like deflated balloons, but I don't think that is a good enough reason to keep the weight on if I can slim down again.
Now that summer break is only 7 short school days away my PTA duties will no longer be my excuse for never having time to get my sweat on so I need to work on other excuses a real plan to get to the gym. I seriously haven't been to the gym since the start of last summer break and I miss it. Thankfully my boys are old enough to watch the princess while I go to the gym so I'm going to try to make it out of the house at least twice a week to start and work my self up to 4 times a week- mainly to get my sweat on on a regular basis but also so that I get a much needed break from 3 kids that will be home all day.
OK, so the sweat plan is laid out and ready for action but not so much my food... I know one thing that needs to be done is a fill- so I will have to get on the phone tomorrow and hopefully get an appointment this week- before TOM settles in for it's visit. After that I think I may try our the 3 day juice cleanse that Mrs. Laura Belle documented, you know to get back on the right track,

ok so that was all back in June- here it is September 27th... man I am bad at keeping my blog up to date...  but you can tell i tried... :)