Saturday, September 27, 2014

I'm alive- i think....

I know I know, in my last post I said i would be back more often and here it is 5 months later.... liar liar, yes my pants are on fire.

Well let me do a quick recap on my life-
Lets see- the boys finished up their 6th grade year and the princess finished her preschool year.
Summer lasted too long, for all of us. There is not a lot to do in Las Vegas with kids and not a lot of money so we stayed in for the most part seeing as all the temperatures were up near 120 most of the summer.
So nothing really to report for the summer.

School started the last week of August here and at the same time my husband got promoted which means a shift change from day shift to graveyard... uggh- but he's now a boss and got a raise. Just as all this is going on I deiced to apply for a job within my church- and God only knows why I got it so now I have a full time day shift job... we are still adjusting but its all good.

The boys are now in 7th grade and doing good- both still in band/orchestra (they liked it so much that we actually bought them their instruments...but have I heard them practice.... not once.... don't get me started on that)
The princess is now in Kindergarten and hates it... well that may be too strong, she does not like her teacher- but I do, the first 2 weeks of school she was the one that was crying in class... she has even played sick once to get out of going to school... hubs caved and sent her to nana's house for the day so he could sleep and I wouldn't have to miss work... yeah, she was totally faking.
I have been working since the 4th of this month and I love the work and getting a pay check helps too. My prime focus last year was being president of the princess' PTA, I still have that position but I have put it on the back burner and only get to the school for a little bit on Fridays compared to all the time last year.... guess what- they are still moving forward, even without my constant management.... see miracles do happen.

Ok, so whats going on with my band... glad you asked....I just posted all this on FB so here it is again.

2 years ago this coming November will be my 2 year Bandaversary and in this 2 years I had lost 80pounds... at the beginning of this year I started having issues with my band being too tight- so I had fluid taken out of my band 3 different times and only one fill... and in this time I have gained back 30 pounds- so I went in yesterday because I am still having issues, the new RN went to take fluid out of my and come to find out I have NO fluid in there.... we are both surprised, So she looks over my chart and it seems they stopped tracking how much fluid was in my band... seriously, they didn't keep track of it- so the last time I went in was 3 months ago where she said she took out fluid but nothing was indicated on my chart as to how much she took out or how much was in there...uh why not? well seeing as I have no fluid in my band whatsoever I now get to go get an upper GI to find out if its a slip or an eroded band but seeing as I have had no fluid in the band for 3 months and the slip didn't "correct" itself I have the feeling that it has eroded which means Olga may be getting evicted- yes I named my band Olga ... I am very hopeful that my insurance will cover the cost of the removal - from what I remember the insurance said that they only cover 1 bariatric surgery per lifetime... so does this removal count as a bariatric surgery?... trying not to freak out and I know that God has got this- so as much as I hate to have to lose Olga it is not good for her to stay- throwing up daily some times multiple times and eating soft foods for the rest of my life mainly shakes and smoothies is not an option. So please pray that the insurance covers my upper GI and that whatever is going on in there is fixable. Thanks in advance.

OK so that's all for now- I promise, not pinky promise but I will do my best to kind of promise to update this sooner than in 5 months...

See ya'll on the flip side.