Friday, April 18, 2014

It's not too late...

At church we just finished up our Wednesday night bible study class that was entitled, "it's not too late- how God uses less than perfect people" by Tony Evans. It is a character study of 6 different biblical people, very inspiring, uplifting and it was entertaining also- But that study is over and a new one is starting after Holy week has concluded. (so that would be next week). But the whole time during the study I kept hearing 'its not too late to turn things around', no mater how horrible you have been- though it was referring to murders (Moses), prostitution (Rehab), deceivers (Jacob), divas (Esther), apostates - those who intentional reject Jesus Christ (Peter), doubters (Sarah)- I can feel a connection to these people. So why am I spouting off about my Biblical studies- because it holds true to everything in life. It's not too late to change and be better than you were the day before and so forth. I have just caught up on Sara's blog, Thinfluneced- she has gone through her own personal hell between the health of her son and her personal demons taking up space in her mind telling her she wasn't worth it she has dug her way up and out and though she will have to deal with her demons just as we all deal with them on a daily basis she is still living- she is grateful for the Grace of God and is constantly on the move, just reading her blog makes me feel out of breath and ready for a nap. I also caught up on Laura Belle's blog Beer, dogs and getting healthier- OMG she is a riot and a new mom of one of the cutest babies that is on the planet that was not birthed by me. She works a full time job along with being a full time wife and mom- she still makes time for herself and get her sweat on. Don't let me forget Banded ice Girl- living in Ice Land with an active son, going to school full time, working full time and with a full time BF she too makes time to sweat. All of these women- including Miss Lori and Lapband gal are all personal hero's to me- they might not wear a cape or fight evil but what they do is take to their computers and blog their life stories so that others can learn from them. When I stumbled across LPG blog through Pinterest I felt a connection with her- not a scary Single white female kind of way, just another person on this planet that has been there, done that and is providing her map of success and failures. It is because of her that I took to the keyboard and started to log my journey- every one is different even though our destination is the same - losing weight and being a better version of ourselves.
I Love to sit and read (in this case catch up) on the lives of these inspiring women, I love the insight, nuggets of wisdom and humor that comes through- I just hope that my blog helps and inspires someone as well.

OK- so today is a new day (from the time I actually started this post) we spent the day as a family- the hubs took the day off from work and the kids are on spring break. We started the day off getting the boys and the hubs new shoes, even the princess got a new pair even though she just got 2 new pairs... talk about daddy's little girl. Then we couldn't decide what to do, but it was getting close to lunch and with two 12 year old boys - who wear a size 13 and 10 shoes (HOLLY MOLLY) we decided to try out the new Golden Coral that opened up earlier this year. Now living in Vegas buffets are not a new thing or something special that happens at Easter- this is a 24 hour town full of buffets, but this one, this one was special, well to the boys that is. They always show the commercials of the chocolate fountains... seriously my boys sit and droll so imagine the excitement as we pulled into the parking lot- you would have thought we just got to Disney land. We get in, no line- awesome! so we head out to the food troughs to fill our plates- having just got a fill I take it easy- a peice of chicken and some popcorn shrimp. seriously that was all that was on my plate.... I ate about 5 shrimp and about 5 bites of chicken (BTW that was some awesomely good and juicy bird) and i was full. SERIOUSLY! I was not happy :( sitting in one of the best buffet places in Vegas and I am full. ugghh!!! So I sit and watch my family slip into a delicious ocean of flavors and smells and I am full. I did feel a bit of room open up so I jumped on it and aimed for mashed potatos with gravy, some stuffing and salad. I took a few little bites of each and then was done again. By this time my kids are eyeballing the desert station with their of so tempting chocolate fountains- so off they go, only to come back with wonderful sugary goodness coated in sweet chocolate and I again am full. I sit and watch thinking why oh why did I get a fill this week. In my fullness I wander over to the desert station and somehow manage to find something that may just slide down enough to satisfy my sweet tooth (and my cheapness- we paid for a buffet I want to get my monies worth) I come back with banana pudding- it is in a portioned cup and has fruit- can't be bad, and it wasn't it was soo good - I wanted to go back for more but I avoided it however the soft served ice cream made it back with me- but only a few spoonfuls and I was good- seriously done and so were the rest of the family, thank goodness.
Back in the van we go, now what to do... well we have been discussing getting another furbaby so home we go to get Shatzie, our Rotti- and head to the animal shelter to find a friend for her. We looked and played and let Shatzie play too and decided on a handsome lab/pointer mix- we will get to bring him home on Tuesday after he gets his dangling man parts removed. The princess was not happy that we left him there.. oh well that will be a surprise for her come Tuesday.
Well thats all I have going on- trying to keep balance and figure out this thing called life- Hope ya'll have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter.