Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 weeks post op

Today I am 2 weeks post op. Nothing too exciting to report. I was 215 on the day of my surgery and today I am 204.2; I'll take it!

I did have a little plateau when I introduced soft mushies to my meals but I have now started walking and felling much better about my progress. Just a matter of getting into a rhythm.

Speaking of mushies, what kind did you eat? I'm still doing my protein shakes, greek yogurt, soups and re fried beans... but I getting a bit burnt out- any suggestions? One more week till I can have chewable foods again... can't wait.

I did take my kids to a birthday party this past weekend; it was filled with the typical fatty sugary goodness that I love- pizza, chips and cake and I didn't have a single crumb. Normally I would have bellied up to the table and have at lease 3 slices of pizza and a piece of cake, with numerous cups of soda but I planned ahead and brought a protein shake- not as tasty but more satisfying knowing I was doing this for me.