Friday, December 28, 2012

Accountablity sucks....

I have been pretty good at logging all my food choices since my surgery -  the good and not so good but the past 3 days I have slacked off mainly because I was grazing and couldn't keep track of what I ate, that and I didn't want to face reality. But I'm back on the band-wagon and have been good today but I am HUNGRY. I don't get my first fill until the 11th and I know that I need one- desperately!
In good news I got on the scale this morning and I am still in onderland in fact I'm down a pound -  (198.8) my official weigh in day is actually on Tuesday (picked that day because my surgery fell on a Tuesday) so hopefully I will still be there if not lower. My main issue is actually getting off my butt and onto my treadmill but my kids are home all day because they are on winter break and they are gathered in the room that my treadmill is in with their friends... makes it hard to get in there... I know- excuses, excuses.
Ok, my goal is to get on there tonight when the friends have all gone home and I can have control of the TV. I will keep with this trend through their break and then back to my morning routine when they get back to school... wow, I think I have a plan! Now to see if I can hold to it.
Now if only someone would finish off the pie's left over from Christmas because they are yelling my name.