Monday, December 17, 2012

3 week post op tomorrow

It was 3 weeks ago tomorrow that I made a change in my life and got my band- I am so glad that I did.
I am paying more attention to my body and its cues and what my triggers really are. I have actually told myself "no I'm not hungry, I'm bored" and walked out of the kitchen without snacking.
My husband has noticed the weight loss and so have I, my face is starting to thin down a little; I just can't wait till I have just One chin.
My surgery day weight was 215.8 today I am 202.6 - I did start on "chewable foods" already; according to my doctors office I was supposed to wait until i was 3 weeks post op but I wanted "real" food- to me that meant tuna salad and baked chicken- I took small bites, took my time and didn't drink anything while eating (harder than I thought).
My boys (twins) had their 11th birthday last week so in honor of that we let them decide what we would eat on Saturday night- so off to Red Robin we went. I shocked my husband when I ordered a grilled turkey burger without the bun and a side of steamed broccoli... it was pretty tasty. Then on Sunday they had their birthday party, I avoided the chips and crackers but did eat some cheese and meats with a few carrots (that was my lunch) and a small sliver of cake- I made it so I "had" to eat some to make sure it tasted good. (and it did- home made ice cream cake) But I have kept myself accountable and logged everything I've eaten and all my workouts on
Speaking of workouts I should get off my duff and get on my treadmill.
thanks for reading.