Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

As is the fashion on Thursday- I bring to you TTT- thanks to  Laura Belle

1. This is my first TTT post
2. Since stumbling across LBG blog I have been hooked on reading blogs and writing my own.
3. My wonderful husband is replacing my nasty outdated kitchen floor this weekend.
4. I baked chocolate chip pecan pie- 2 of them... with real butter, real sugar and real chocolate chips- I better enjoy this while I can, I hope to banded by the end of the year.
5. I also made a yummy Chicken Pot Pie

6. I go for my surgical consultation on Monday...I can't wait!

7. I have been living In Las Vegas for over 23 years and have only gambled a handful of times
Oh - and if there are any Vegas Bandsters out there I would love to meet you.

8. I seriously can not stand video games- I write this as I am listening to my husband bitch, moan and complain about the "mission" he is doing. The thing is he is not talking to me he is talking to the game.... uh lets try a little internal dialog dear

9. I am obsessed with "Long Island Medium" - my dream is to have a reading with her. Yes I believe in her talents.

10. I have been so preoccupied with reading blogs that I haven't picked up my Kindle in weeks

There ya have it- my first TTT. Hope I didn't bore you too much.
Thanks for reading and I hope yo have a great weekend.