Friday, November 2, 2012

Very Overwhelmed

Thank you all for the positive comments. I was so tickled to see all the comments and to learn that I now have 2 followers... yes LPG that does sound rather cult-like. (now i just need to figure out how to add the followers gadget)

I am still trying to figure out the whole blogging concept and getting my layout how i would like it- so you may see a few changes, don't worry, just like me this blog will have some outward changed but the content will still be me.
Oh and I finally got the letter that my insurance decided last week that they need; apparently the letter clearing me for surgery was not good enough they also required a letter of recommendation for the surgery... a little redundant right.
Anyways, I called my weight center to see if my patient advocate received it and she was out of the office.... the ol' hurry up and wait, again. So now I have to wait until Monday to schedule my consultation so we can really get the fat burning- I've been fat 38 years, whats 2 more days of waiting right... :(