Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I haven't had much to write about so I just haven't written but I am keeping up on everyone else's blogs but haven't done much on the comments... I will work on that.
I have been so lazy lately- I have had bronchitis and just haven't had the want or energy to get up and do much that along with the kids having been home on spring break has really put a damper on my sweat time- I will not be surprised if I see a small gain on weigh in day.

Friday night i was sitting there minding my own business enjoying a piece of string cheese and a slice of turkey (thin sliced sandwich meat) and I got stuck- I felt it and what did I do I took a few more bites thinking it would help push it down but we all know that it doesn't work that way so for the next half hour or so I spent my time BPing- not a pretty picture. So the next morning I had a shake knowing I should take it easy but we had a pot luck at the hubs club and I fell victim to the deviled eggs. I had one and I was could feel it just sitting above my band- slowly making its way down so then I felt that a burger would be a good idea.... I apparently left my brain at home. I was able to "force" down a quarter of it then I passed it off to my son. But somehow when we got home with the party loot for the kids I noticed those damn evil jelly beans... I love jelly beans, but only around Easter. How is it those sugary gobs of heaven slid down so easy?

After the party the hubs and I dropped the kidletts off at their Nana's and headed off to Carmax- they were able to get us financed and we found a van online so we beelined to the lot and spent the next 2 hours getting our van appraised (they gave us $500 more than we thought they would), then the start of paperwork, then a test drive- I loved it! then more paperwork, a little break, the last of the paperwork then the keys! It had to have been the easiest car buying experience I have ever had. So what did we get?... a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country it only had 30k miles and it was a steal at only $22k.  It is so pretty and new and loaded with lots of gadgets that I may never figure out. You know I love my hubs when I let him drive it off the lot and back home.

Well today was Easter and that damn sugar giving rodent showed up with goodies for the kids and then had the nerve to leave the leftover crud in the pantry- damn Hershey kisses, Resses mini cups and jelly beans.
After the sugar rush the hubs took the boys with him to his meeting then to lunch, just the guys and then to Lowe's to get a does of testosterone and law stuff, seed, mulch and manure.... yumm
While they were doing their thing I was in my car playing with different buttons, the princess was "helping" so I will have to go and play again when she is not with me so I can really figure out things. Then she and I went and got McDonald's... damn chicken nuggets jumped right into my bag and then into my mouth. By this point the boys were home so I sent the princess out to "help" them so I could start prepping dinner. Baked Apples, Glazed ham, mac and cheese, steamed veggies, rolls, potato salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert... somehow that was the only thing I got a picture of.
That's pretty much whats been going on around here. Hope everyone is doing well out there and that you had a good weekend. I will leave you with a few pictures of my kids enjoying their waterless water balloons that the Easter "Boobie" gave them
have a great week!