Friday, March 22, 2013

Thank God Fridays over

Yesterday I had a fill- just a "smidge" and for those who would like to know how much a "smigde" actually is, it is .3cc  Last month my doctor said that my 10 pound loss was good and that you couldn't do better than that. This month it was 12 pounds and he again said I couldn't do better... we'll see what numbers I pull next month :). I was also told my blood pressure was low and to talk to my primary about it- I think that I may wean myself off the pills I'm on right now.
Skip to today-
Well after being on all liquids yesterday- oh so satisfying,I wasn't really hungry this morning and had a little stuckness (it's a word) when I took an allergy pill so I didn't eat... not even water.
So as usual Fridays are grocery days. I dropped the princess off at Nana's house (because grocery shopping with a 3 yr old is not something I like to do) and went to Wallyworld... man I hate that place; but they price match and have already low prices so I go and I deal with the slow lanes- and there are usually only 3 open.  Anyways, not really having eaten today or yesterday I tried my hardest to avoid putting those sabotaging items in my cart; I did pretty good but it is Spring Break so I had to get things for the kids to eat plus I had a Scentsy party and needed refreshments (I always overdo it). So there I am - waiting so patiently for the chick behind the register to finish up with my coupons when I felt light headed, sweaty and weak the next thing I know I'm being picked up off the floor by the guy behind me. I had passed out at Walmart- or I could say that the floor reached out and hit me in the back of the head. I got up, finished the transaction and was then swarmed with people - OK 3 people checking to make sure I was OK. they sat me down, fed me a king size Snickers bar and a bottle of water. I declined medical assistance - I felt so stupid for not having eaten I really just wanted to get home. So I filled out the incident report and sat for a half hour while I let my blood sugar get back up. Then they helped me to my car- I guess to make sure I didn't pass out again on their property. Thinking back I'm glad it happened there instead of while I was driving- yikes, that could have been uglier than the bump on the back of my head.
I'm not sure if passing out was blood pressure or sugar, regardless I never want to have that happen again- Mental note- EAT BREAKFAST.

ok, thats all for now- thanks for stoping by- Have a great weekend.