Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weigh in day and NSV's

On top of being a girl I have allergies from hell- my nose is stuffed and runny at the same time (how is that even possible) and my chest is full of crud. All this ickyness has played havoc with my workouts- the last time I actually did anything workout related was last Thursday so I was pleasantly surprised that I saw a loss this morning- 1.6pounds gone taking me down to 172.2. I am so close the the 160's I can't wait.

Some of the things I that I have noticed with the weight leaving my body is  my back doesn't hurt all the time. I actually looked at my hubs last night and commented that it had been a long while since I had to take something for my back pain. I also have noticed that when I sit down I no longer do the shirt fluff. You know where you pull the shirt out of your belly rolls and fluff it gives the appearance that there aren't as many rolls than there actually are. I am also not saying that I'm tired all the time but I still take my naps- I would be a total b*tch without it.

I go in on Thursday for a fill- I'm thinking just a little dab will do me- I feel very close to my zone. Right now I think I'm at 6.8 cc in my 10 band. We'll see what the doc has to say- I mean after all he is the professional and I am forking over money for his expertise.

Well that's all for now. I hope you're having a great week and discovering NSV's of your own.