Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weigh in day

The weather here has been glorious here in Las Vegas- there are some perks to living in the dessert. So yesterday I spent a few hours out in the yard raking and cleaning up- I personally hate the sun- pale pasty white girl and big ball of fire in the sky  do not get along well, but I actually enjoyed the sun yesterday (but I did get a little pink in my cheeks). This enjoyment could be because I'm losing my natural insulation and can tolerate the heat a bit better, I guess the real test will be this summer when we hit 120. But anyways that's how I got my sweat on yesterday.
Today I dropped the princess off at pre school and spent an hour and a half getting my sweat on- burned 430 calories and I feel good. I'm incorporating more weights to help tone up the loose parts that come with the territory.
I was shocked that I actually lost weight this past week - I have been pretty sloth like and grazing like crazy. But I lost 1.2 pounds bringing me to 176.8; that's just one pound away from 40 pounds lost since surgery, but my friend pointed out to me that I am not losing pounds - because when something is lost you tend to find it, no I am shedding, terminating, killing, destroying them- whatever the word, they are gone and as God as my witness I will never see those pounds again.
Hope you're all having a great week so far. Thanks for stopping by.