Friday, March 1, 2013

day from hell... so far

Well it didn't start that way, started as it always does to my daughter waking me up at 7:15 wanting to watch her show that doesn't start until 8:30. Got the boys out to school, layed in bed for a little bit then to the couch (my new couch, and yes I love it) decided that the house wasn't going to clean itself so off the couch I go. The house was clean and then I went to vacuum... but instead of sucking my vacuum was blowing- we just got this vacuum 6 months ago and just replaced the filters a few weeks ago. I was working perfectly the other day but not today. Then I went and met the hubs for lunch at a little Mexican hole in the wall just around the corner from us. The food was awesome and I ate way too much, I took some home but still too much at one time. Got home and decided that my mobile trash heap of a van needed to be cleaned out, got that done and decide to try and unjam the DVD player... no go. At this point I hear my daughter screaming bloody murder- she had slammed her finger in the front door to the house. Got her all cleaned up and better just in time to get to her "sing and shout class" at the rec center- but my car decided it was done as in dead, would not start. So i plugged in my battery charger and tried that- no go... Now I have a 3 year old screaming in the car because the car is broken and she can't get to class. My mother in law who lives 2 streets over and is usually always home was out at the store and the hubs was back across town so no class today. Then there is my cookie dog, she is a 16 year old shepard/lab mix that my husband adopted for me around our first Christmas that we were married- she is getting worse every day- hubs and I are starting to really think that it is her time. She is blind in one eye can hardly see out of the other, can hardly hear, her back hips are really bad that she has a tendency to slip and fall when climbing the 4 steeps into the house and she can't control her bowels - the thought of putting her down seems so selfish but to keep her in the condition that she is in just because also seems selfish.  Oh and my sister called to tell me that she is going to have to find a new place for our mom (she is in a full time memory care facility) becuase they keep raising the rates. She had lived with my sister for almost 4 years before we decided that she needed to professional care and now we need to start over and find her another place to live.
So that brings us to now- I have just eaten a skinny cow ice cream sandwich and am trying to keep from eating my frustrations. I am ready to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head and hide- thank goodness nap time is a half hour away.
ok... thats all for now- i just hope the rest of March gets better.
Thanks for reading my rant- I really hope you are all having a much better day than I am. Have a great weekend.