Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekends kill me

What is it about weekends that turns me into a starving sloth? I eat my meal and then think to myself I didn't eat near enough that I should have knowing that I have and I go back for more or worse I graze. I don't keep a lot of crap in the house and what little I do is for the kids and not appealing to me at all but I do have a collection of fiber one brownie bars, skinny cow candy/ice cream and the weight watchers ice cream... I figure if I am going to snack I want something tasty and not too horrible...well it tends to be horrible when you keep reaching into the box to get another brownie or ice cream. And the fact that I slack off on getting my sweat on (unless you count my recent hot flashes). I need to get out of this rut and do something on the weekends, well everyday to keep me busy and out of the kitchen. I know I'm not hunrgy I'm bored and instead of getting creative and doing something I eat.
What do you do to keep from eating? I know I can not be the only one out there that goes through this.
well thats all for now- I am really hoping that my grazing doesn't tilt the scale in the other direction, I guess I will have to wait until Tuesday to find out.
Thanks for reading- hope you had a great and productive weekend.