Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WTF Wednsday

Today started out pretty normal; got up got the boys out to school snuggled with the princess and then took her to Nana's so I could hit the gym. Tore up almost 400 calories there- felt pretty good about myself-  hadn't really been to the gym in a week so I was in desperate need to get my sweat on. Went and picked up the princess and headed home to where I planted two more flower pots- I crave color in this dust bowl of a city. Finally nap time- usually the only way I can get a nap is to have the princess nap with me... she was out and I was up- staring at the ceiling...i have never had a problem napping - I just kept thinking of working in my yard. - Let me just clarify that I am not your outdoor kinda girl- the sun and I do not get along, but I have been craving natural vitamin D.
After I finally gave up on taking a nap I sat in total silence and read.... well with the exception of my husband working on our swamp cooler on the roof. When he came inside he was hot form working outside and totally dehydrated and very cranky and I was his outlet- nothing physical or directed towards me but you could feel the hostility as he was finishing up in the house so I went and grabbed a hand full of M&M's... ok several hand fulls.  Then as I preparing dinner I nibbled... ok gorged on leftover mack and cheese.... and then more M&M's.... I was quickly falling down the rabbits hole and felt the need to get out of the house and run... I tried so hard to ignore this urge but it won. I strapped on my sports bras and laced up my Nike's and out the door I went. This for me is odd, I am not a runner. I will do sprints on the treadmill to push my heart rate up but not for the pure pleasure of running but tonight I wanted to run and I did... I also walked but the main thing is I got up and moved out of my comfort zone and it felt good. Then to top things off I went in my back yard and did lunges and jumping jacks... I HATE jumping jacks. The last time I did an actual jumping jack has to have been in high school. Even when shredding with Jillian I never really did a jumping jack.. I faked it. But that was 40 pounds ago. Amazing how much easier it is to do things when you don't have the extra fat holding you down.
So today I burned a total of 600 calories.
oh and a few NSV's- I noticed that I have actual shoulders and a collar bone and I am getting some deffinition in my arms. Also when I work out I have to strap my girls down and before my tummy would be much farther out than my chest, well now my chest is out farther than my belly. And when I run/do jumping jacks I don't Jiggle as much in the belly.
well thats all- I hope everyone is having a good week. Thanks for reading.