Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gag me with a spoon... or in my case chicken

After grocery shopping yesterday I decided I should probably eat something so I picked up some wing dings from Wally world and then grabbed the princess and my mother in law some lunch at Jack in the box. Got to my MIL house and started to scarf down the deep fried goodness of those wings. After a few wings I realized I was stuck- I have had that slow go feeling but not an actual stuck feeling so of course out of habit i tried sipping some water... no go, I walked eagerly to the bathroom to avoid a mess in the kitchen cause I knew what was about to happen. I waited for just a second and then the sliming happened... OMG- never have I experienced so much saliva and that sip of water that I was hoping would ease that chicken down to my gullet came back up with avengance but not the chicken, that finally made its way down... needless to say I was done eating.
Thats all for now- happy weekend and remember to chew and take small bites.