Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday

The day of the big game is finally here, that means after today NO MORE FOOTBALL- Thank God!
I am not a sports fan nor did I marry sports fan but we do on occasion watch the Super Bowl. This year we have a child's birthday party to go to followed by a Super Bowl party thankfully they are at the same house. Not sure if w will make it through the whole game (my 3 yr old will not be getting a nap).
I am trying to get mentally prepared for the onslaught of food- mainly the cake (I'm PMS'ing and all I want are sweets) The host is a health freak so I should be OK, just a matter of me controlling myself and enjoying in moderation.

onto other issues...
I think I'm in a rut or plateau. As I have mentioned before I am a self admitted scale whore and usually get on that damn thing once a day (I used to get on ever time I went into my bathroom so I'm doing much better) and I have not seen it move. I guess I will have to wait until Tuesday for my weekly weigh-in to know for sure. Until then I have upped my water and changed my eating just a bit; I am still struggling with getting my sweat on and I know that once I start moving consistently I should see the numbers moving down again (I hope).

ok, off to get ready for cake, ice cream and game day but I am mostly excited to see my mommy friends.

Make it a Super Day!