Monday, February 4, 2013

Motivational Monday

Ever just have one of those lives that you wish you could do over?... Well not the entire life- I mean I wouldn't change meeting my now husband or having my kids but I would change how I treated my body. I would have got out of the house and played more, I would have avoided the ice cream truck aka the crack mobile. I would have been more confident in myself.
But doing my life over is not an option and if I did live my life different it would change who I became as a woman, sister, daughter, wife, mom, aunt and person. Instead of giving up when I have an off day like all the other times I have in the past I am persistent on changing for the better with the help of my band. I am still working on getting my sweat on and getting my portions right- its a learning process and I'm still learning and I am not giving up- I AM WORTH IT!
thanks for reading.