Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just another Sunday

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'm doing my best to avoid doing too much, so far I'm succeeding :)
Last night the hubbs and I went to dinner, we were originally thinking Mexican food but I changed my mind, as I often do- so we ended up at Joes Crab Shack. I figured how can you go wrong with shrimp. Well I decided on the fish and shrimp- according to MFP it was was over 1500 calories...ouch- but I ordered it anyways; I did however substitute steamed broccoli for the french fries and only took a bite or two of the fish (it was just too fishy for me) But the shrimp was soo good.I actually stopped eating when I felt satisfied, meanwhile my hubbs kept chowing down on his stam pot. While he finished his dinner I put everything into MFP and it came up to 550 calories, much better than the 1500 (it pays to get rid of the fries)
After dinner we headed to the mall where I got my V-day present, a new heart rate/calorie calculator - then over to Lane Bryant for a new bra, I'm under growing my other bras so I got one that was on clearance knowing that I will be smaller soon so no big investment. (I can't wait to be able to get bras elsewhere)
To end our night out without children we each got a blizzard from DQ- a mini mint chip on for me and a small MM for him... it was almost orgasmic- I am seriously PMS'ing and all I have wanted has been mint chocolate chip Ice cream.
I forgot to mention that after I went shopping yesterday I was beyond hungry so I swung through the drive through at MickyDees' not a wise choice but my hormones and stomach were controlling the car at that point. I ordered a mcdouble and a fruit and yogurt parfait- I ate the burger without the bun, I apparently have cut a lot of salt out of my diet because all I could taste as the salt then I enjoyed the parfait.
Even with all my over indulgences I only went over my 1200 calories by about 100. Not too bad if I say so myself.
well thats all for now. thanks for reading