Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well i took the plunge, I went and bought a new pair of jeans. I ventured off to Kmart in search of jeans that weren't that pricey hoping knowing I wouldn't be in them that long. I grabbed a pair of 16 and 14 figured why not. The 16 was just a bit loose but I know that one washing will fix that but out of curiosity I tried the 14 and I was able to button them... I looked like a busted can of biscuits but by golly they made it up, i could zip and button them. I decided not to get the 16 instead of the 14- my sister has dropped a few sizes and she has some 14s for me so I stuck to one pair of jeans.
While I was there I tried on a few tops and I was able to go to the other side of the wall... you know the "normal" sized area. I purchased 3 tops that were XL- not 1X but an honest to God XL. It's starting to to sink in that I am doing it, I'm changing my body and I love it.
Well I need to get going, I have a date with my hubby- We're going out to dinner... mmmmm, Mexican food.
thanks again for reading.