Monday, February 11, 2013

Motivational montage Monday

First lets start with yesterday- I found it hard to log any of my food choices on MFP because I was constantly grazing... dangerous territory I know.  I have no idea what exactly I ate or how many calories I consumed. I know it wasn't too horrible because I don't keep a lot of yummy stuff in the house. My new addiction is Oven Roasted Almonds - Dark Chocolate Flavor- they are so tasty but the serving size is 24 nuts at 160 calories and I kept grabbing hand fulls...way over the serving size I know, not to mention 3 double chocolate chip cookies that my son made while at his Nana's house...very dangerous- can we say PMS? But I did get my tread on- 3.5 miles and 307 calories done- I know that because I got a Polar FT4- yeah!!!  (I knew my calorie counter on my treadmill was off, but I didn't realize how off it was- it said I had burned over 500 calories!)
Anyways, onto a new week with better choices.
As I have mentioned before I love Pinterest. I have found so many different motivational sayings that I have created various montages of them. I eventually plan to print them up and post them through out my house to keep me motivated.
Feel free to "steal them" if the mood suites you.
Happy Monday, here's to a new week of new chances.
Thanks for reading.