Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lazy days of winter

I seem to be slacking on the blog front so let me catch you up on my week- not very exciting but here goes.
On Monday the hubs and I went bought a new living room set, leather couch, love seat and recliner- I cant wait, it will be delivered tomorrow. In anticipation of my new furniture I practically rearranged my house on Wednesday then Thursday I got a fill, my doctor was happy with my loss so far and gave me another .8cc in my band but I have had a few 'stuck" moments and may have to go in and have a little taken off the top either that or I need to ssllooww ddoowwnn when I eat.  Saturday night my kids went to a swim/slumber party (yes I know it's still winter, even here in the desert) it was at a hotel with a heated pool.  I decided to swing by and grab some junk food to help with the snacks- a good idea in theory but a bad idea when I was swimming too and was hungry with a capital 'H'. The mom of the kid made a run to the store and ended up with a flat tire and a spare that wouldn't hold air; fortunately there was another mom with me and she went and rescued her leaving me with 8 kids and nothing to eat but the sugary sweet  treats  and cheesy covered puffs and chips that I brought. I had been so good for so long and I caved... the puffs the chips the chocolate creme filled cakes they all made their way into my mouth. I was shoveling it in, making for a few minor stuck episodes and yet I kept eating. Then today after picking them up from the sleepover we stopped by panda express... Mandarin Chicken and spring rolls anyone... don't mind if I do and again stuck... too much too fast. This time I stopped and finished my single order of chicken for dinner this time I took my time and didn't get stuck.
I did have a NSV- I had to get a new swimsuit and it doesn't have a skirt or shorts to it... it's a black halter style (kinda retro 40's style) I tried on a 16 and it fit great, a little loose in the butt so i tried on a 14 and it fit too, not as nicely at the 16  but I got it on- I stuck with the 16 no use looking like a busted can of biscuits even if I was able to get the 14 on.  I'm sure that I will have to get another suit before the end of the summer.
That brings me to the here and now- Like I said earlier I am getting my new furniture tomorrow then on Tuesday the princess started pre school at the local rec center- 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12:30, finally a little time to myself but where will you find me, at the gym at the same rec center. We also have swim lessons starting this week, again on Tuesday and Thursdays. My boys will be taking samurai sword classes at the rec center too on Thursdays and then another class for the princess on Fridays.... I went from doing not a lot during the week to doing a lot. I hoping I can keep up with everything.
Well that's all for now, thanks for reading, Have a great week full of new beginnings.