Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday fustration

Last night was a headache- an entirely different post in itself- lets just summarize it by saying I didn't get a nap yesterday, went to bed at 11:30 didn't fall asleep until 12;30 just to wake up to me phone at 3:30a for a family emergency - got back home at 6am and have been on the go since- 3 hours of sleep is not cutting it for me- besides a scale whore I am a sleep whore too.
I am anxiously waiting for nap time (sometimes being a stay at home has its benefits.) But because I have to be up (i have a 3 year old Tasmanian devil aka the Princess) to make sure the house stays standing I have been eating- I know I am not hungry but TOM is here and all I want is to sleep and eat. I had a meal bar at 6:30 this morning then I didn't eat until 12:30 where I had a 10 piece chicken nugget and fruit parfait followed by a weight watchers fudge pop then a sugar free fudge pop and finally a coconut almond fiber one bar. I know better- plus I blew off going to the gym for the only 30 minute slot I had available- I just can't get myself to get in the car to drive there let alone get on a treadmill and walk.
I am hoping that I will be able to get in bed early tonight but the hubby and the boys are going to a ball game leaving me with the Princess so I doubt that will happen.
So I ask ya, am I the only one who eats just to stay awake? As I type this I find myself dozing... but at least my mouth is empty.
I will need to make a point of exercising a bit more this weekend to make up for my sloth like condition.

What about you, any big plans this weekend? Whatever you do make sure to get your sweat on.

thanks for stopping by.