Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weigh in day.

today is weigh in day- only .2 pounds down- but a loss is still a loss no matter how small. I am starting to feel more definition in my arms and legs so I'm hoping that the muscle is outweighing the fat.... I can hope right (look i finally painted my toes) Also my doctor said the weight loss will slow down as my body nears it's natural weight- plateau here I am.

In yesterdays post I had said I felt like there was a black cloud over my head and I thought it was due to lack of movement on my part but then I realized what date was coming up- today is the anniversary of my fathers passing- he's been gone 7 years and every year the black cloud come back. It will eventually lift and I will feel better about things, but it still hurts and I miss him everyday. I just hope that he is proud of me and my family.

I also said in yesterdays post that I was going to get off my duff and get my sweat on, but that didn't happen, instead I went to taco bell so I  spent 2 hours and 44 mins working out and burned 854 calories. take that you evil chicken burrito from taco bell that tasted oh so good yesterday even though it was 420 calories plus the bean burrito that was 370 calories. I can't believe I ate the whole thing, but I did and as yummy as it was it sat in my stomach like a brick. (why is it they NEVER look like their pictures)


I had never had their chicken burrito and it is my new favorite, so much so that I almost went back today, but I didn't I went home and made a nice tuna salad like a good bandster.
Well I think that's all for now. I am hoping that the cloud leaves soon so I can get my mind back to where is should be.
As always, thanks for stopping by- and remember a bad day does not define you, get up, dust yourself off and get back to sweating.